2009 A3C Hip Hop Festival dates announced

A3C Festival
A3C Festival

(ATLANTA – April 7, 2009) The A3C Hip Hop Festival organizers announced today that the 5th installment of the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival will take place across multiple venues in the East Atlanta Village, October 1-3, 2009.

The A3C Hip Hop Festival has grown exponentially over the past 5 years to become the largest Hip Hop festival in the southeastern United States. Past events have featured a historic reuniting of Hip Hop legends The Juice Crew, the nationally acclaimed breakdance battle “Red Bull 4 Corners,” fashion shows, producer battles, street art exhibits, a world class producer battle, technical demonstrations, panels and over 40 live performances annually.

Past performers range from major label staples like Biz Markie, The Clipse, Little Brother and Bonecrusher, to independent mainstays like Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Aceyalone, Black Milk, as well as up and coming superstars like Wale and B.o.B. The festival also strongly focuses on having a solid representation of smaller, national-touring, regional and local artists.

The move to fall dates and the move to a multi-venue format will allow the A3C to continue to bring more content to balance craved Hip Hop fans across the country.

Brian Knott, A3C Hip Hop Festival founder explains, “This year’s event represents for us the final step in a plan that was hatched five years ago. When we started the A3C we had the dream of bringing a balanced Hip Hop event to Atlanta that would someday rival what SXSW and CMJ have built in New York and Austin for rock music. With the overwhelming success of last year’s event we felt this was our opportunity to make a bold move and do something in Atlanta that would serve as an annual rallying point for all the elements of Hip Hop and all the flavors of Hip Hop music nationally.”

The East Atlanta Village (EAV) has experienced a meteoric rise over the last two years with the opening of a number of new listening rooms, small and mid-size venues. While still maintaining its independent attitude, the growth of the EAV has created for the first time in a decade a centralized area in the city to hold a multi-venue event and still enable fans to walk from room to room.

“Five years ago when we started A3C the EAV was still on the cusp of becoming what it is today. The growth of the EAV and the growth of the A3C have really been very similar. It seems like we are arriving at this point at the same time and we are really excited about the marriage. We feel like the EAV is our 2nd street in Austin,” said Knott.

ABOUT THE A3C: Now in its 5th year, the A3C Hip Hop Festival is a 2 day, 3 night event held annually in Atlanta, GA featuring live performances from some of Hip Hop’s most elite artists. The live performance schedule is enhanced by day and nightly events showcasing some of the most exciting break-dance, graphic art, fashion, film, equipment demonstrations and panels relating to Hip Hop culture.

The 2009 A3C will be held in multiple venues all located within easy walking distance of one another in the East Atlanta Village. Since 2005, the event has featured over 200 of the most exciting artists in Hip Hop including The Juice Crew, Biz Markie, The Clipse, Souls of Mischief, Little Brother, Wale, and B.o.B.

In 2008 the event was attend by over 9,000 fans and featured partnerships and co-sponsored events with MySpace, Red Bull, Scion, URB, Pabst Blue Ribbon, New Era and Stanton.

from A3C Festival Press Release

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