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Did you know that developers creating Flash applications can use the .swf object to store cookies in your browser? These session “cookies” are stored on your computer and can, for example, remember where you left off during your last session.

This is quite useful if you close your browser in the middle of using a Flash application, like a photo book creator or online music sequencer.

The session cookie remembers things like how much of the book you’ve completed, what photos you’ve used and and other important settings. It then restores your session to the point you left off. This is especially useful if your browser crashes while you’re working on something.

From time to time, you may want to dump your Flash cookies. One would think that would be accomplished in the same way you clear the browser cache, which is usually accomplished through the browsers Preferences or Tools panel, but hat’s not the case.

This task must be accomplished online on the Adobe web site using the  Adobe – Flash Player : Settings Manager.

Using the Settings Manager, you can do the following:

  • Specify whether websites must ask your permission before using your camera or microphone.
  • Specify the amount of disk space that websites you haven’t yet visited can use to store information on your computer, or to prevent websites you haven’t yet visited from storing information on your computer.
  • View or change your security settings.
  • Specify if and how often Flash Player should check for updated versions.
  • To view or change the privacy settings for websites you have already visited.
  • To view or change the storage settings for websites you have already visited, or to delete information that any or all websites have already stored on your computer.

— Tony Z

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