DJ Rap launches Propa podcast


DJ Rap

Drum ‘n’ Bass diva and former Columbia Records recording artist, DJ Rap, is getting into the podcasting game with the launch of her new, Propa Podcast.

The first installment features the following tracks, mostly culled from her own Impropa Talent imprit. Rap acts as presenter on the set, introducing each track and shouting out to her fans and friends. Not that we’re against her presenting, but we’d like just a tad less talking over the music, mainly so we can enjoy more of the music. We’re thinking she’s doing that to prevent people from sampling off the podcast mp3, which makes complete sense. Or, she’s just pretty darn excited to launch the podcast. We know she’s been eager to do some new things as of late and we’re hoping that this is the first in a long line of new projects for this D’n’B superstar.

Track List:

1. Joey Modus – So Hgh / Impropa Talent

2. DJ Rap – Good To Be Alive (Paul Anthony Remix) / Impropa Talent

3. Sanchez And The Shockers – Liquorice Latex / Impropa Talent

4. DJ Rap & /DJ Eve – Good Times (Joey Modus Remix) / Impropa Talent

5. Sanchez And The Shockers – Tonight / Impropa Talent

6. Sanchez And The Shockers – Girl I Wanna / Impropa Talent

7.DJ Rap & Joey Modus – Two By Two (Devine Powers Remix) / Impropa Talent

You can subscribe through iTunes or click this link to download direct to your desktop.

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