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On Saturday, I rolled down to Astor Place to get a hair cut before checking out Remix Hotel at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Manhattan. It was still early, so I popped into Rubber Sole on Broadway. It’s one of the last of the “urban fashion boutiques” that are giving way to major chain retailers along the strip from Astor Place and Broadway all the way down to Canal Street.

View Map: Broadway from Astor Place to Canal Street

There are a few new ones that have since opened below Canal, where the rents are probably a bit cheaper than they are in Soho.

Anyway, I found this cool t-shirt from Kallusive that I thought would be perfect to cruise into Remix Hotel wearing. Well, maybe not so perfect, because the turntable on the front looks like a Numark or Stanton. My friends in the Pioneer demonstration area joked that I needed to leave the room.

You can get the Music Maestro shirt online from Kallusive.com. They have an entire line of themed t-shirts like this one. So get’em while they’re hot. I did.

In the pics below, it’s hard to make out the writing on the back. It says:

from the backyard barbeques to the hottest night clubs

everything is perfect and laced with clarity…

beats thumping, drinks flowing, vocals blaring,

the DJ spinning on the turntables is in control.

mixing and cutting with the precision of a surgeon.

the moood is set…

one wrong move or sound can kill the vibe…

but when sounds comes together in unity,

everything is perfect and laced with clarity…

Kallusive Turntable T-Shirt

Kallusive Turntable T-Shirt

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  1. john angel says:

    hey i just bought the new kabuki kallusive shirt and i dont really like it. its still in the plastic package and everything and they dont accept refunds so i was wondering do you want to buy it for 30?

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