MacBook Pro Apple Repair

MacBook Pro Apple Repair


In just under a week, my trusty MacBook Pro was repaired by the folks at Apple Care in California. After dropping it off last Thursday at the Apple Store in the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY, my silver machine made its way across the country via DHL. Just a short week later, it arrived back in White Plains with a new 120 GB Superdrive by Hitachi and I had the optical drive (CD/DVD) replaced as well. After booting it up and installing Adobe CS3, Office:Mac 2008, Omnigraffle 4.2, Fetch, Flock, Firefox and Acquisition X–things seems to be running quite smoothly. The optical drive is super quiet and the machine isn’t as hot as it was when I was having problems last week.

Finally, things are back to normal in Netmix world!

What’s next? Well, I’m heading to a UN conference on Web 2.0 on Tuesday and Wednesday with my man, Johan, from Malaysia. My business cards for Netmix Media are being designed now.

I registered a new domain today,, which will be the home of my digital consultancy. I’m working with gifted Flash/Flex, LAMP, CSS/XHTML/AJAX developers, graphic designers and SEO specialists. I’ll be taking the point, which means meeting with clients, managing product development, developing wireframes and product development requirements. We’re going to specialize in media &&∧ entertainment properties as well as social web and blog sites. I’ll be working with a variety of open source and custom CMS platforms, including Drupal, Joomla and Venn, the latter of which has a neat ratings engine built in. We’re also going to be developing Flash/Flex products running on the AIR platform.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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