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Okay, so we’ve been kind of quiet here at Netmix over the last week and a half, since the Minitek Festival concluded The reason? Well, I’ve started a new full-time gig as VP of Product & Business Development at Zaah Technologies in Farmingdale, NY, about an hour from my home in Westchester. Getting into the swing of things on multiple projects and products is time intensive and has taken my daily focus off the blog for a minute.

Given that my commute is an hour from my home in Westchester County, if I could blog while driving, that would be a wonderful thing. Maybe I can v-blog my thoughts from the car! Kind of like a cross between “Taxi Cab Confessions” and a NASCAR event. Driving the Long Island Expressway everyday sure sharpens your driving skills. I just hope I don’t pick up the Long Island accent!

I’ve been a client of Zaah’s for the past three years on multiple projects, including StarStyle, where I was VP of Music Services, as well as a few consulting projects I worked on in tandem with White Space Group, a product strategy and digital incubator run by my friend and former StarStyle CEO, Ashley Heather.

On top of of all that, I also started my final two classes at NYU. This semester, I’m taking Database Design and Final Cut Pro. Now, I already know Final Cut to some extent, but I could use a refresher. And, who wants to write papers in their last semester? Not I!

In December, I’ll graduate with the Bachelor degree that eluded me all these years. I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, I do have one credit left to complete, as I only transferred in 9 credits when I started the program in 2003. Because of the odd number of credits transferred in, it’s left me with a single straggler. To complete the credit, I might do a study abroad in Digital Photography in either Abu Dhabi or Florence. My girlfriend, Missy, and I are looking into the options and she’s helping in the decision-making process.

I’d love to go to Florence again. Spend three weeks in Italy? I’m not mad at that. Will be awesome to have that experience. I’ve been to Florence, Sienna and Rome, but only for a week. I’d love to take an Italian class while I work on my digital photography skills and bring some Italian culture into the Net-mix!

In additon to all of this, I’ve been working on two projects with one of my partners, Madsol Desar. The first is assisting a client in Chicago in securing a performance by the modern queen of Salsa, La India. Confirmed just yesterday, La India will perform at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. The event is a combined voter registration drive and networking opportunity. A popular Chicago DJ will play music around the performance, which is expected to last 75 to 90 minutes. Should be a great show.

Another event Madsol and I had been working on was a b’day party for Blacksmith Music’s President, Corey Smyth, at New York’s hottest new downtown nightspot, Santos Party House. The event, which took place last night, was heavily attended by the who’s who of hip hop, including Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Jeru the Damaga and DJ Pete Rock. Pete layed down a heavy set and was on point. I was running around too much to get a slice of that birthday cake. Maybe next year!


The great thing about Santos, is its unpretentious. A new breed of club where it’s more about the musical experience and party atmosphere than velvet rope and bottle service. Both upstairs and downstairs sound systems are INCREDIBLE! They rival, if not surpass, any club in the city.

On a side note, Melanie Donnelly, who also posts to this blog, is joining the team at Zaah. She’s been busy learning how to drive, so she can get her license and do the commute by car to Farmingdale. Now that we’ll both be in a office together, we can focus our efforts on Netmix a bit more. In fact, Zaah are partnering with Netmix to provide us with technology services under their incubation plan. We’re already in the process of revamping Netmix in a myriad of ways that will become more apparent over the next few months.

That being said, we’ve been developing a new Netmix Media business plan and financial model, building a board of advisors and taking the steps to reorganize and bring to market, which I can’t get into just yet. We think you’ll love it when you see it.

Gotta run!

— Tony Zeoli

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