Nokia UK launch new music ads on YouTube touting Mix Radio on the Lumina 820

Nokia UK released two very cool new video commercials on YouTube to promote the new Lumina 820 along with their free Mix Radio service. Both commercials employe electronic dance music inspired rhythms and we always love that UK accent. We’re not sure who the subjects of these videos are, so we’re asking you to identify them. Just post in the Facebook comments section or blog comment section below. We’re curious to know!



Nokia Lumia 820, Black 8GB (AT&T)

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  • Bruno Mars Lyrics

    Cool video! I also love the one from the Windows 8 ad. She kinda sounded like Lenka.

  • Dexter Bosque is very amazing news that is Nokia UK launch new music ads on YouTube touting mix radio on the Lumina 820 as well! You know I can't wait to buy it. Love this model. Thanks the head up and keep posting……..

  • Billy Bob

    Nice Tony!! Guess I'm a little late to this, but good news

  • Keisha

    LOVE Mix Radio!