Ror-shak from DB and Stakka; Drum & Bass is back and better than ever!


Deep by Ror-Shack Koch Entertainment, once thought of as a mail-order music company releasing specialty childrens compilations and other niche albums have become quite aggressive as of late with hip hop and rap releases. In March, the company released Deep by Ror-shak, the alias behind legendary drum & bass DJ and Breakbeat Science co-founder, DB and underground drum & bass remix producer Stakka. The new electronic mix leans down-tempo, drum & bass and features vocals by Morningwood’s Chantal Claret, Lisa Shaw, Julee Cruise, and Wendy Starland.

As far as I know, the label has never been in the spotlight for quality dance music, but Koch seem to be throwing their hats into the choppy waters of the independent dance music scene now ruled by Ultra Records, releasing projects by Carl Cox and Paul Schwartz. While the majors are swimming against the tide, Indy labels are picking up the slack, signing artists and mix compilations that once would have been picked up by a major Indy like Astralwerks.

Listen to these tracks from the compilation in Windows Media format:

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Ror-Shak - Deep (Extended Digital Edition)

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