We’re Netmix.com located in Asheville, NC by way of Boston and New York City. We landed here in 2014 after skipping across North Carolina – from Chapel Hill to Greensboro/Winston Salem and now the mountain oasis in the Western part of the state.

If you are looking for that music library software with a similar name, you’ve come to the WRONG place. We’re Netmix.com, originally a DJ culture website formed in 1996 now pivoting as a WordPress plugin and services company for the radio and Internet broadcasting industry.

While we’d love to direct you to that other group, we think you might love our friends at Synch Tank, whose intuitive software automates the entire licensing process — making your digital music and video assets faster to find, easier to manage and more profitable. A great music library and licensing management product for audio editors, sound designers and companies who manage catalogs and license music.

Learn more about SynchTank.

Of course, we’ve been doing this so long, that you can also find us on the following social sites, where we’ve been for many years!

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