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Disclosure – Holding On ft. Gregory Porter

The number one Billboard Dance Club Song in the country this week is Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter – Holding On. In an era full of anthemic, festival style EDM tracks, this smooth, soul flavored house track has reached the top of the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. This goes to show that DJs and dance music fans alike truly appreciate music that’s a little out of the mainstream.

We love this song and we’re banging it on the Asheville House Music Society radio show on 103.3-LP FM and AshevilleFM.org in Asheville, NC, mixed live by @djtonyz every Saturday night/Sunday morning from 12 midnight to 2 am.

Netmix launches the Asheville House Music Society radio show on AshevilleFM.org


It’s been some time since I’ve been behind the mic on a radio station. I remember my first radio gig in 1984. I did an internship in my senior year of high school at WCAS 740 AM in Cambridge, MA. On air since the early ’70s, the station changed hands around 1980 or 1981. According to a historical post about WCAS on BostonRadio.org, the station was in bankruptcy proceedings by late 1983. But, I remember the owner, Floyd Williams, who also operated the Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home in Dorchester, MA. He was as colorful character as a radio station owner could be. Certainly a nice man who was appreciative of my contribution at the station.

It came about after I’d met one of the station’s DJs, Marc Harris, while waiting for the bus from North Cambridge Harvard Square at a stop on Massachusetts Avenue in Porter Square, which was directly in front of the office building that housed the station. We struck up a conversation about music, DJing, and radio. At the time, my high school, the now defunct North Cambridge Catholic, launched a senior high school internship program. For the last three months of senior year, students could intern for credit at a local business.  I expressed my interest in interning at the station and Marc invited me to apply.

Because of the distance an AM signal can travel at night as the waveform bounces off the earth’s atmosphere, the station ceased broadcasting at sundown each day. WCAS competed with another AM station across town. The more popular and well-known, WILD. Both were Black-owned stations programming a Soul/R&B format.

Even though the station was small, it was a great opportunity to get involved in music and broadcasting. Inspired by my time working at the station, I applied to attend a small two-year radio program for radio and television broadcasting at Elizabeth Seton College in Yonkers, NY, where I would produce a weekly show on the college’s low-power FM radio station. That was 1986 and the last time I would actually sit in the host chair. My interest shifted from broadcasting to DJing in clubs and bars around Boston. It was a quicker path to making money and that was more important at the time.

It’s been 29-years since I’ve sat in the host chair at a radio station. While radio remains relevant, it it’s been weakened by the transition of terrestrial broadcasting to streaming over the Internet. But, where the Internet is global, radio does a great job at local. And, with most mobile phone companies eliminating unlimited data plans, the cost of streaming over mobile has risen, which helps terrestrial radio maintain a hold on the automobile dashboard.

With great foresight, I saw the shift combine in the early 90s and that inspired the domain this website resides on: netmix.co/netmix. I launched Netmix in late ’95 as a streaming Internet mix-show website. Most of the webcasts were pre-recorded and there were not hosts, so it wasn’t necessarily the model for Internet radio, but it was a hybrid with its roots in broadcast as well as the web.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in streaming one way or another.

Fast forward to today and here I am on AshevilleFM.org. Currently an Internet-only radio station, the non-profit recently applied for a Low Power FM license to run a 100-watt station. With its broadcast antennae powering the signal from atop the Indigo Hotel in downtown Asheville, AshevilleFM.org will inherit the call letters, WSFM, as well as the extension, LP-FM (for “low power FM). In just a short time, the station will begin add an over-the-air broadcast at 103.3 on the radio dial. Local businesses will be able to sponsor shows and the station will groom and grow a much needed alternative voice and format to serve the Asheville community.

My new show, the Asheville House Music Society, airs every Sunday morning from 12:00 am to 2:00 am EST. I launched the show intending to expose more house music to the Asheville community, which traditionally supports other electronic music genres like Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, as well as more avant-garde electronic sounds.

Each week, we feature new music in a continuous mix format, but the goal is to use the show to focus on and develop Asheville’s House Music scene. I interview local DJ/Producers, artists, promoters, venue owners, and other influencers. The show and playlist are immediately archived on the show page once the live broadcast completes.

In a few short weeks, the show will be simulcast on the web and over the air in Asheville. I’m really excited to have a house music show over the air, dedicated to promoting the culture in the region.

You can also get the Asheville House Music Society on TuneIn Radio here:


You can also catch me offline and off air monthly at The Nightbell, 32 Lexington Avenue, spinning deep and tech house from 10:30 until close.


Michael Jackson – 2015 Club Megamix by DJ MichaelAngelo & DJ DigiMark

We’re digging this 2015 video Club Megamix mashup of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits by DJs MichaelAngelo & DigiMark. Modern remixes of all songs included in this mashup give it an updated feel for dance floors everywhere.

The tracklist includes the following MJ hits:

  • PYT
  • Rock With You
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Hollywood Tonight
  • Bad
  • Black or White
  • Wanna Be Starting Something
  • Black or White
  • Somebody’s Watching Me
  • Thriller
  • Butterflies
  • Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
  • Dancing Machine

DJs can also download the audio mp3 of this incredible Megamix.


The new Beatport Pro…mobile optimized!

screenshot of pro.beatport.com webiste home page
pro.beatport.com home

The world’s largest pure electronic dance music retailer, Beatport, today announced https://pro.beatport.com. The new website is mobile responsive. Yes, that’s optimized for mobile devices. Beatport says the color scheme is better for Pro DJs in low light environments for those jocks in the booth purchasing tracks on the fly.

The above view is a screenshot of the home page on a 13″ MacBook Pro. I noticed right away the switch to the audio player at the bottom of the screen, which begets the question – where is your playlist?

pro.beatport.com screenshot of playlist tool
Playlist Tool

Well, Beatport took some liberty here with the “hamburger” menu icon at the bottom right, which usually signifies access to a setting area for account management, user profile management and that sort of thing. Then again, dance music never really stuck with convention, did it? It will probably annoy a bunch of information architects, but as long as you figure out what it it’s for, you’ll be alright. Just click on what UI developers call the “hamburger” icon at the bottom left and you’ll get your tracks listed as shown here.

Beatport also reveals a completely new logo.

Beatport 2014 Logo Update
Beatport 2014 Logo Update

Clark Warner, BEATPORT’s Executive Creative Director says this about the new look:

“The new Beatport logo is all about connections: the universal connection with music; the sacred connection between DJs and fans; and our shared connection with one another as members of this vibrant community and culture. Headphones represent the beginning of these connections, not the end. They’re the point where the DJ first interacts with the music, and with that spark, sets the soundtrack to our musical experience.”

We took some screenshots from the iPhone to show you what the mobile responsive view looks like (as if you haven’t seen it already). But before you get started below, one thing we are curious about is this Beatport Pro direction. Is that for DJs who want to buy music or does that include fans to? According to the press release we got tonight about the beta launch of Beatport Pro, Lloyd Starr, President of Beatport Pro and COO of BEATPORT was quoted as saying:

Beatport has grown into the leading destination for fans of electronic music culture of all stripes over the last 10 years, and Beatport Pro represents our commitment to the DJs that are the lifeblood of this community. It’s a commitment that Beatport was founded on, and one that remains a decade later. I would like to personally invite anyone with constructive feedback, suggestions, and ideas to share them so we can continue to make Beatport Pro the best DJ resource available.”

Hmmm…does that mean that pro.beatport.com will be for DJs and Beatport will then enter the consumer market with a subscription service for rabid Avicii and casual Kaskade fans alike? Inquiring minds think we know.

While you’re thinking about that, have some fun with the screenshots below. Don’t forget, in the new mobile responsive, you have to use the “hamburger” icon menu to flip to the wav to skip through a track. An extra click. Not sure if that was necessary, but maybe it will improve over time. It’s hard to get these web based experiences to react like an experience in a mobile app. Too bad they couldn’t replicate what SoundCloud has done with their wav form scroll in their new mobile app experience.

One gaping hole we almost missed, but then did notice, is the checkout process. It still runs through Beatport.com. I almost missed it, because I wasn’t going to purchase a download just to write this post. But, I said, eh…what the heck. I might as well try it.

I learned you can’t purchase directly through Beatport Pro and that is problematic, because it doesn’t keep with the user workflow they intended with the complete redesign. I wanted to see how the iPhone would handle a download – can you store a download to your phone or do you have to download it at Beatport and then transfer it in via iTunes? It doesn’t look like it’s an end-to-end seamless experience, because on the iPhone, the payment screen is not responsive. Browse through the screens below for a look or try it on your phone yourself.

Beatport Home Screen
Scroll down to begin playback of top ten
Active playback at bottom
Flip to the wav form
Artists I follow
Search result
Login screen
Sign Up/Login call to action
Another login window
My Beatport screen
My Beatport Menu
Hold Bin
Account setting do not yet exist
Beaport Pro Shopping Cart
Add Coupon Code
Beatport Pro Checkout redirect


Pioneer Rekordbox Introduction Video

A few weeks ago, I gave Pioneer rekordbox® a spin during a few sets I did at The Nightbell in Asheville, where they’ve got a pair of Nexus 2000s in the booth. I found the software to be quite intuitive to use. Very fast analyzing hundreds of tracks and easy to build playlists. It also syncs with iTunes, but for some reason, I’m having a bit of a struggle since my iTunes folder is on an external thumb drive and not an internal folder on laptop. Haven’t seemed to be able to get it to recognize updates to the iTunes file or playback tracks from the iTunes folder. I had to simply create genre based playlists under the playlists tool and then analyze all tracks on the thumb drive again. Kind of off and hoping someone might be able to help.

On the reverse, the LAN connection with sync and the ability to drag and drop tracks to each deck is genius. We found it extremely useful, but there was this odd situation of jumping back to the last track played every time I dragged a new track in. I had to make sure that when I dragged the track to each deck, the track intended to be next stayed active by playing it for a few seconds and then pressing cue. I was told by a friend that works for Pioneer DJ about the Auto Cue feature, which alleviates this problem. I think it was already on Auto Cue, so I’m not sure I was doing it right. I have yet to fully investigate how to prevent re-loading of a prior track instead of loading the new track before I’ve pressed play.

Given that it’s free, it’s worth a shot to download it and see if it’s right for you. With this software, Pioneer is taking it to Serato and Traktor Pro, given that the software itself can be used for mixing with a controller. You will have to register a user account to operate it though. We think Pioneer wants to start tracking what music you’ve got in your library, so there are some new controls they are introducing to do that in this software.

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