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Michael Jackson – 2015 Club Megamix by DJ MichaelAngelo & DJ DigiMark

We’re digging this 2015 video Club Megamix mashup of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits by DJs MichaelAngelo & DigiMark. Modern remixes of all songs included in this mashup give it an updated feel for dance floors everywhere.

The tracklist includes the following MJ hits:

  • PYT
  • Rock With You
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Hollywood Tonight
  • Bad
  • Black or White
  • Wanna Be Starting Something
  • Black or White
  • Somebody’s Watching Me
  • Thriller
  • Butterflies
  • Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
  • Dancing Machine

DJs can also download the audio mp3 of this incredible Megamix.


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DJ Shiftee and Enferno collaborate on E.A.S.Y. “When Will The Bass Drop” #LiveRemix

Get Turned Up To Death! While SNL rightfully parodies EDM culture now that it’s a mainstream phenomenon and looks quite foolish to the uninitiated, DJs Shiftee and Enferno put together this live reaction video to the original Andy Samberg SNL skit that spoofed Avicii and other DJs in the genre on SNL. The video doubles up as the release of a new track called “Fly Away.”

What this video does is to show the creativity and skill that goes into producing, mixing and developing the sounds of today’s generation of electronic music producers create. It’s certainly fun to watch!

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Calvin Harris – “Blame” feat. John Newman

I’ve been a fan of EDM producer, Calvin Harris, for a while now. I’ve spun his songs out in my DJ sets and usually look forward to receiving something new by this talented British producer, who is now one of the world’s highest-paid DJs. While his new single, “Blame,” featuring the vocalist, John Newman, has hit #1 in the U.K. and ties Michael Jackson for the honor, I’m not so sure this is a number one record.

First, it’s not horrible. It has all the usual elements: sounds anthemic, big room progressions, deep house sounds mixed with syrupy pop. And, John Newman’s raw and sometimes raspy vocals that create the emotional pop sound that has certainly caught on in the dance music world. For some reason, I just feel it’s a little too formulaic. While it’s a verified hit now across the pond, will that record translate here in the U.S. on pop radio? I hope not, because I really don’t want to hear a guy whining every hour (as U.S. radio tends to play hit records each hour to shove it down your throat) about how he cheated on someone and now wants to “blame it on the night.”

One thing is for sure, the music video for the single had a lot of money thrown behind this effort. It’s a slickly produced, highly stylized video, which will sell a lot of black lingerie and stockings. I’ve seen a ton of electronic dance music videos over the years and many surely don’t have the budget to achieve this level of production. Harris and the label that backs him can pour money into these songs and get results like #1 chart-topping singles with a formula that they’ve been able to milk now for a few years, but they have to be careful they stay on their game and don’t mail it in like they seem to have done on this song.

Okay, so let’s be honest. Yes, I like looking at women in lingerie just as much as the next guy. But maybe that’s getting tired. The woman in black lingerie passed out on the bed is very cliché. Anyone can put a beautiful woman in lingerie in a music video. We’ve been doing it year after year after year. But, what does that tell our young women? That they should walk around in lingerie while men stay fully dressed because it’s more appealing to watch a half-naked woman in a music video who is the only one to blame for a poor decision?

Is that what we’re saying to our daughters? Your role in life is to use your body in sexy lingerie to do what, exactly? Yes, I know it’s a music video and this is the norm. But, come on. Really? More of the same? It’s just…well, boring is what it is. There’s no creativity behind all the money that went into this music video.

Help me understand the metaphor of the women diving into different bodies of water. One woman dives into a sink in a bathroom. Another into a champagne bucket at the club. Yet another into a rain puddle. And lastly, another disappears in a bathtub. All neat tricks, for sure. Each woman ends up being underwater, then their heads pop up at once above the water at the same time. Is this supposed to mean they were slipping into semi-consciousness on some sort of drug as the lyrics, “Blame it on the night” and “Don’t blame it on me,” are crooned by Mr. Newman? I’m not really sure.

From a quick read through the lyrics, it seems the guilt is heavy on the mind of the man in the video, who is now regretting fooling around with another woman who came over in black lingerie.

Can’t be sleeping
Keep on waking
Without the woman next to me
Guilt is burning
Inside I’m hurting
This aint a feeling I can keep

It seems as if the woman on the bed was a friend who just needed to talk, but it went a little too far.

I had to let her through the door
I had no choice in this
I was the friend she missed
She needed me to talk

Well, whose fault is it really? Not his, that’s for sure. It’s the fault of the night, not his inability to keep his hands to himself when a seductress makes an appearance in his apartment.

So blame it on the night
Don’t blame it on me
Don’t blame it on me

Now comes the remorse and asking for forgiveness (for what, being an idiot?).

Oh I’m so sorry, so sorry baby
(I’ll be better this time)
I will be better this time
I got to say
I’m so sorry
Oh I Promise
(I’ll be better this time)
Don’t blame it on me
Don’t blame it on me

The bottom line is, this is a video about a guy who cheats on someone with another woman, but wants to blame it on “the night” instead of his own stupidity. We’ve got a formulaic dance track with a formulaic video that has now gone #1, most likely not because it deserves to be #1, but because it’s got a lot of money behind it to push it to #1 – umm…in the U.K., that is. Hopefully, we over here across the pond don’t fall for this one, because I for sure don’t feel like hearing this one on the radio every hour. A guy whining about how bad he feels now that he’s slept with another woman who showed up at his door in black lingerie.

Don’t agree with me and love this song? While we wait for our iTunes affiliate program application to be approved, you can buy it on Amazon.com.

Let us know what you think of this video by commenting below. Or, take this poll!

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Coldplay – Magic (Sebastien Remix)

We’ve been listening to phenomenal music this week. Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories, hit the store on May 19th. When we were scoping out Moby’s latest release, Almost Home, we discovered that the same DJ/Producer, Sebastien remixed that record and this one too! Of course, we had to just jump on the Sebastien bandwagon and get this one onto the blog as well. Okay…so we’re a little late to the game on this Sebastien dude. He seems to be scoring a few points with choice artists who make incredible music. Could Sebastien be the next Calvin Harris? It looks like he’s working his way down that road, for sure.

Here’s the original official Coldplay video for single, “Magic.” The song is about a love somehow broken. By whom it doesn’t say, but the memories of that love still persist and while the relationship fades from view, it was still like magic, even if it’s now no longer together.

Here is the Sebastien remix of Coldplay “Magic” we discovered on SoundCloud. He gives this record a nice bottom end deep house flavor with simple piano chords throughout that keep this song grounded near the original. Simple, emotive and effective.


Not sure yet where to buy this remix as the download has yet to make itself available. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon.

If you’re looking for more of an electronic dance music remix, the legendary Giorgio Moroder gives this one a spin as well. You can hear the difference in the more polished sound of the experienced dance music veteran in the complex synth and drum patterns.  This is available now for download through iTunes.

Nokia UK launch new music ads on YouTube touting Mix Radio on the Lumina 820

Nokia UK released two very cool new video commercials on YouTube to promote Mix Radio on the new Lumina 820 along with their new Mix Radio service.

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Storified: Pete Tong’s New Show On iHeartRadio’s Evolution Channel

Here’s news from around the web on Clear Channel’s and Pete Tong’s new collaboration on iHeartRadio.com’s Evolution channel. Tong brings his #AllGonePeteTong radio show to the USA along with a tour and new release on the venerable UK label, Defected Records.


Billboard’s Kerri Mason blog post about the state of DJing sets it straight

  1. Kerri’s tweet announced the post at 3:37 pm on June 26th. We caught hundreds of tweets and RTs (re-tweets), pushing this amazing blog post on her new hotwaterinc.tumblr.com blog (Bit.ly reports over 1,500 clicks!) around the world in a matter of seconds. Her premise: “Artists are getting comfortable, some fans are starting to notice, and the ancients are rhapsodizing about the way we used to do it (for you younglings, that’s a track reference).”
    Contemplating Jacob Schulman’s (Dancing Astronaut) plea for some successful touring DJs to stop “pressing play,” Mason gave us her reason for publishing the post: “…the only reason I’m writing this now is because someone else – someone who is experiencing this music for the first time – finally said it himself. For an old fan like me, Schulman’s final paragraph, a direct plea to DJs, is practically a tearjerker: “Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to play a song that you released in 2011, 2010, or 1995 for that matter. Don’t be afraid to play a new song from an up-and-comer that has the potential to make people ‘go bananas.’ Don’t be afraid to omit your latest single for once. Don’t be afraid to leave us wanting more.”
  2. HotWaterInc
    I’m not a blogger and rarely write in the first person. But here’s a manifesto abt DJs, inspired by recent events. http://bit.ly/LpMdbr
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 12:37:17
  3. Kerri went on to describe her experiences in DJ culture working the coat room at the legendary underground club, Vinyl, where Danny Tenaglia was known to set out on extraordinary journeys through musical history for hours on end, leaving his dedicated crowed breathless as nights turned into day and punters would head home in the morning sunshine, surely exhausted from experiencing an orgy of sounds that only Tenaglia could deftly blend together, only to do it all over again the following week.

    We’re not going to go through the entire opus here. You should click the http://bit.ly/LpMdbr link, read and get educated on what it was like to live and breathe DJ culture from the eyes, ears and soul of a child of the Electronic Dance Music movement. From someone who has dedicated her life to the exploration and dissemination of information about the artists, the music and the business of DJ culture.
  4. Lauren Lipsay
    If you care about music – or enjoy reading smart, heartfelt writing – you need to check out self-proclaimed “dance music lifer” Kerri Mason’s take on the state of the genre.
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 12:49:19
  5. Industry veterans and services hit the RT button on Kerri’s epic post. From DJ/producer Scott Wozniak and Beatport to author Bill Brewster, Ultra’s David Waxman and promoter Rob Fernandez, the applause grew louder and compliments rained down on Kerri’s personal and HotWaterIn accounts through Twitter and Facebook.
  6. ScottWozniak
    @HotWaterInc Beautiful article, Kerri. Just what I needed at this precise moment in time. http://hotwaterinc.tumblr.com/post/25938207447/hitstart
    Thu, Jun 28 2012 11:38:20
  7. beatport
    Kerri Mason Offers Balanced Outlook On The Current State Of EDM Culture: http://s.beatport.com/NGNjB8
    Thu, Jun 28 2012 11:42:24
  8. djhistory
    Brilliant piece by Kerri Mason (aka @HotWaterInc) on EDM and the art of the DJ: http://ow.ly/bTHAV
    Thu, Jun 28 2012 13:41:47
  9. HotWaterInc
    Bill, thx so much. Your work has always been such an inspiration. MT @djhistory Brilliant piece by Kerri Mason on EDM and the art of the DJ
    Thu, Jun 28 2012 14:07:50
  10. RobFernandezNYC
    @HotWaterInc nice article kerri-but if i wanted intelligence i wouldn’t be on twitter!! and the paradise garage opened in 1977 #askbenny
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 17:28:10
  11. HotWaterInc
    @RobFernandezNYC C’mon Rob, you love me for my brain! If @bennysoto confirms I will update the year…
    Tue, Jun 26 2012 17:38:13

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Electric Daisy Carnival Flyer

What do you think, is this good flyer design? We’ve posted the 2012 Electric Daisy Carnival flyer and want your feedback. What would you have done differently, if you were the designer for this year’s flyer? In these images, the designer uses an image of a ferris-wheel to connect the event to a “carnival” type theme. The flowers, mostly daisies, attempt to connect the dots between today’s massive events with an earlier time

Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 Flyer Desgin
Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 Flyer Desgin

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