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Popdust raises $4.5 Million from VCs to fund operations

News from around the web on Popdust's raise of $4.5 Million to fund operations. This new music service that marries musc news with fashion merchandising. It's a lot like I did as VP of Music at StarStyle.com from '05 to '07. Remains to be seen whether they can really drive commerce with music fans.

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Editorial: Response to RIAA's file sharing case in Boston

I just came across this blog post on Boston.com's Metro Desk: Defendant's lawyer puts on a show in illegal downloading case.

Globe staff writer, Jonathan Salzman describes the courtroom antics of "Charles Nesson, the flamboyant Harvard Law School professor defending a college student accused of illegally downloading and sharing music online," has used to make the case that his client is not responsible for copyright infringement. At the time of this post, there were over 40 comments to the post. I wanted to share my two cents on the subject, which I posted in the comments section earlier tonight.

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Giving up equity in exchange for copyrights

Wired's Eliot Von Buskirk raises the issue of start-ups giving equity to copyright holders in exchange for the right to exploit their content until profitable. The discussion centers around a recent white paper which promotes the concept.

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Blog Chatter Can Triple Future Sales Of Music Albums

According to a recently published research paper, "Does Chatter Matter," NYU Stern Professor Vasan Dhar along with his former student Elaine Chang, discovered there is a direct correlation between the number of blog posts on the Web and subsequent sales of albums being discussed. In a sampling of 108 album releases from January and February of last year, Dhar and Chang found sales were three times the average if "legitimate blog posts reached a threshold of 40."

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