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Editorial: Response to RIAA's file sharing case in Boston

I just came across this blog post on Boston.com's Metro Desk: Defendant's lawyer puts on a show in illegal downloading case.

Globe staff writer, Jonathan Salzman describes the courtroom antics of "Charles Nesson, the flamboyant Harvard Law School professor defending a college student accused of illegally downloading and sharing music online," has used to make the case that his client is not responsible for copyright infringement. At the time of this post, there were over 40 comments to the post. I wanted to share my two cents on the subject, which I posted in the comments section earlier tonight.

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Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 6

Netmix.com Global House Sessions for November 2008. Mixed by DJ Tony Z. Download the 3-hour podcast.

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Repost: Larry Heard “Can You Feel It” vs. MLK “I Have A Dream”

In honor of MLK Day, I am reposting the link for a previous blog post from a few years ago, which includes an MP3 download of the famous track that is a staple at New York’s Body & Soul party.

Recording Labels to Offer New Online Music Options

I recently "dug" an Associated Press story from Wired.com, which spotlights a few digital models the major record labels are pursuing in 2008. Although MP3's have been around for quite some time now, in the coming months, you'll see all four major labels groups participating in the direct sale of MP3 in varying degrees. Recently, talk of Sony/BMG dropping DRM restrictions in the first quarter, has led the discussion around digital downloads and what effect DRM-free music sales will have on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic and other services. Read the AP story @ Wired.com or on Digg.com.

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