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Editorial: Response to RIAA's file sharing case in Boston

I just came across this blog post on Boston.com's Metro Desk: Defendant's lawyer puts on a show in illegal downloading case.

Globe staff writer, Jonathan Salzman describes the courtroom antics of "Charles Nesson, the flamboyant Harvard Law School professor defending a college student accused of illegally downloading and sharing music online," has used to make the case that his client is not responsible for copyright infringement. At the time of this post, there were over 40 comments to the post. I wanted to share my two cents on the subject, which I posted in the comments section earlier tonight.

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Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast – November 2008

Netmix.com Global House Sessions for November 2008. Mixed by DJ Tony Z. Download the 3-hour podcast.

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8tracks — premier service for creating your own mix launches today

8tracks, a new service that allows anyone to create and publish a mix tape online, launches their public web site on August 8th. We've tried out there service during the beta period and have this review.

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Fun with DJDownload.com

DJDownload.com is one of the top DJ download sites on the web. The British company has launched a cool audio player, which allows anyone to embed a playlist of their fav DJ Download tracks on their MySpace or web page. Netmix created a player with 39 out of this week's Top 100. Check it out and create your own. The "needle drop" feature is very cool. Users can drop the cursor at any point on a waveform in the player to start the music at that spot.

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10 Audio Jelly Tunes we love!

While we were shopping on Audio Jelly for the next Netmix podcast, we caught wind of 10 great new tunes! Check them out on Netmix.com, where you can sample the audio and link directly to the Audio Jelly page to purchase each track. Enjoy!

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