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Tony Zeoli is a digital media strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur. He founded in 1995, which was considered by Billboard Magazine to be the "innovation and advancement of dance music on the Internet." Tony has innovated at the intersection of music and the Internet for the past thirty years as a project manager, product manager, information architect. He is also the founder of Digital Strategy Works, a WordPress web design and digital marketing agency in Asheville, NC.

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Radio Station Bugfix & Enhancements Now Available for Download

There are two versions included in this release. Here are the included fixes and updates for this release:

  • Fixed: use schedule based on start_day if specified for Schedule view
  • Fixed: day left/right shifting on Schedule table/tab mobile views
  • Added: past/today/future filter for Schedule Override List
  • Added: filter for Schedule display start day (and to accept today)
  • Added: current playlist (if any) to Broadcast Data endpoint

  • Improved: auto-match show description to info height on Show pages
  • Improved: allow multiple Related Show selection for single post
  • Improved: ability to assign Post to relate to multiple Shows
  • Added: Related Show Post List column and Quick Edit field
  • Added: Related Show selection Bulk Edit Action for Post List
  • Added: filters for label texts and title attributes on Show Page
  • Added: filter for label text above Show Player (default empty)

Thanks to Tony Hayes, who led the development of this release.

Thanks also to our users for reporting issues in our Support forum and Gtihub Issues tracker!

View the complete Radio Station changelog here.

If you have any issues, please submit Radio Station support requests here.

For bug reports and feature requests, please submit to our Radio Station Github page here.

Support Radio Station by becoming a Patron. Your monthly contribution supports the ongoing development of the FREE and open source version of Radio Station.

You can also now list your Radio Station or Webcast in our new Netmix Directory. Submit your listing for FREE until the end of July 2020 and get a do-follow backlink from one of the oldest domains related to online music and radio today! Bugfix Now Available for Download Bugfix Update includes:

* Hot Fix for Upcoming Shows in Widgets were not displaying times if show spanned midnight, e.g. started at 11 pm and ended at 1 am.

We did release an interim last week, but did not send out an email regarding that release.

Here are the included fixes and updates for that release:
* Update: Freemius SDK (2.4.0)
* Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.4) with weird isset glitch fix
* Fixed: Current Show for Shows ending at midnight
* Fixed: incorrect AJAX Widget plugin setting value
* Fixed: use page-load data for schedules before transients

Thanks to Tony Hayes, who led the development of this release.

Thanks also to the following users for reporting issues in our Support forum and Gtihub Issues tracker:


View the complete Radio Station changelog here.

If you have any issues, please submit Radio Station support requests here.

For bug reports and feature requests, please submit to our Radio Station Github page here.

Support Radio Station by becoming a Patron. Your monthly contribution supports the ongoing development of the FREE and open source version of Radio Station.

You can also now list your Radio Station or Webcast in our new Netmix Directory. Submit your listing for FREE until the end of July 2020 and get a do-follow backlink from one of the oldest domains related to online music and radio today! Bugfix Now Available for Download Bugfix Update includes:

  • Fix to conflict with plugins using AJAX save_post calls
  • Improved accuracy for responsive table/tab Schedule views
  • Added color improvements to Show Shift interface
  • Fix to calculate Current Show (transient no longer used)

Thanks to Tony Hayes, who led the development of this release.

Thanks also to the following users for reporting issues in our Support forum and Gtihub Issues tracker:


View the complete Radio Station changelog here.

If you have any issues, please submit Radio Station support requests here.

For bug reports and feature requests, please submit to our Radio Station Github page here.

Support Radio Station by becoming a Patron. Your monthly contribution supports the ongoing development of the FREE and open source version of Radio Station.

You can also now list your Radio Station or Webcast in our new Netmix Directory. Submit your listing for FREE until the end of July 2020 and get a do-follow backlink from one of the oldest domains related to online music and radio today!

Radio Station 2.3.1 Now Available for Download

This maintenance and bug fix release is now available for download on the plugin page.

Among the issues fixed in this release was a conflict with Yoast SEO, a fix to ensure shows in quarter-hour increments display on the Master Schedule, and fixed conditions for Schedule Override time calculations. We also add a filter for widget section display order.


  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.1) with Freemius first path fix
  • Fixed: conditions for Schedule Override time calculations
  • Fixed: schedule table view – 12 hour format with translations
  • Fixed: schedule table view hour column width style
  • Fixed: javascript table/tab arrows to prevent default click
  • Fixed: undefined index warning when saving show with no shifts
  • Fixed: append not echo override date to shortcode archive list
  • Fixed: compatibility with multiple the_content calls (Yoast)
  • Fixed: reset to showcontinued flag in Schedule (table view)
  • Added: option to clear transients on every page load
  • Added: show avatar and featured image URLs to Data API output
  • Added: option to ping Netmix directory on show updates
  • Added: filters for widget section display order

View the complete Radio Station changelog here.

If you have any issues, please submit Radio Station support requests here.

For bug reports and feature requests, please submit to our Radio Station Github page here.

Support Radio Station by becoming a Patron. Your monthly contribution supports the ongoing development of the FREE and open source version of Radio Station.

You can also now list your Radio Station or Webcast in our new Netmix Directory. Submit your listing for FREE until the end of May 2020 and get a do-follow backlink from one of the oldest domains related to online music and radio today!

Partial Screenshot of Netmix Directory View for Netmix home page promotion

New! List Your Broadcast or Online Radio Station in the Netmix Radio Station Directory

  • Time Sensitive Free Offer

    We are excited to announce that we are offering free Directory listings!
    Including 30 days Dofollow backlink from and listing highlighting.
    Interested in more exposure and listeners for your Radio Station, for free?
    Simply sign up for an account and then click Activate Free listing!


When we started down the road of taking over the Radio Station plugin and it’s continuing development, lead developer Tony Hayes came up with a suggestion – “Why don’t we give stations the ability to list themselves in an online directory?” We kicked around the idea a few times and came up with a plan that would give stations (and webcasters and podcasters) this ability, by pulling Schedule and Show data directly from a Station’s website into a new Netmix® Radio Station Directory!

Why is this important? Today, Radio Station by Netmix® continues to be free, and we are committed to keeping it that way. While we hope to launch a Pro version and other Add-Ons in the future, as soon as possible, which can further boost the development of both the free and paid versions, we’ve already put a massive amount of time and energy so far just into updating and improving the free version for everyone.

We know and feel there is a lot of appreciation for these efforts from our community of existing Radio Station users! We think it’s time to ask for that appreciation to be shown financially also, and believe that the best way to do this is not by either restricting features or simply asking for donations, but rather, by doubling up on those efforts and delivering even more value! And so, we are now offering listings on the new Netmix® Radio Station Directory – allowing us to financially support our continued efforts to improve the plugin for everyone.

We arrived at this model by looking at what free plugin developers have done in the past. Often there is a one-time “Donate” button (eg. via Paypal) added to a free plugin, but this strategy has proven drastically ineffective because it is often ignored by users, given there is not much incentive when they already are getting something for free. This results in many free plugins remaining unsupported or not being updated, and often in them being abandoned over time. So we wanted something that would turn around this kind of lose-lose situation into a real win-win!

To do this, we arrived at the conclusion a more sustainable model is to provide a value-add benefit for subscription-based giving by offering a directory listing (and other rewards) as incentives for our supporters, similar to how many community-based radio stations offer benefits to their subscribers. We decided the Patreon platform was well suited for this purpose since it provides the ability to offer rewards in return for different gifting levels. As software creators, this allows us to more easily create the win-win situation we were looking for, where we can both provide further value to our users and receive the support we need.

Thus we have created a Radio Station Directory on the website! By becoming an ongoing Patron for the Radio Station plugin, you can get your Station listed in the Directory (which also means a valuable do-follow backlink!) Read on…

Netmix® Directory Listing

Since the major update to Radio Station to version 2.3.0, the Radio Station plugin now includes an innovative new feature to access all your Show schedule data via a Data API. Once you download the plugin (or update to 2.3.0) and go to the Netmix® site to register your support through Patreon, you’ll be able to list your station in the Directory and we’ll pull all your Schedule and Show data from the activated plugin on your site to publish straight into the Netmix Directory. It’s that easy!

This exciting development means new listeners will not only be able to find your Station (broadcast, webcast, or podcast) via Netmix®, but also discover all of the Shows scheduled on your station’s website! This is a major advantage for listeners in using the Netmix® Directory, for example, users will more easily be able to discover a variety of Shows in all of their favorite genres – not just via single genre-oriented stations as in other radio directories.

And of course, we will also be gradually adding improvements over time to the Directory over time in a similar way to the Radio Station plugin… We’ll be adding more navigation, filters, and search capabilities so listeners can find your Stations and Shows more easily.

Expanded View Screenshot of Netmix Radio Station Directory on the Website
Netmix Radio Station Directory (Expanded View)
How to Claim Your Listing

Become a Radio Station Supporter now by clicking the Become a Patron button below. Choose a Supporter Level. Then you can Signup to Netmix® here, connect your Patreon Account and then add your Listing. Netmix® will automatically detect all your Show information via the plugin’s in-built Data API, and display it in the Netmix® Directory automatically… putting YOU in the mix!

Please note, should you discontinue your Supporter subscription, your Listing will be temporarily deactivated until you resume your patronage. As we roll this feature out, we’ll be sure to have a huge list of stations in our directory, which can direct listeners to your site based on genres, languages, or Show details.

Bonus Listing Value!

Not only are you going to list in an advanced directory that listeners will find, share, and utilize to access all the stations using Radio Station, we also want to highlight that via your listing you’ll also get a shiny do-follow backlink from, a 25-year-old authority domain in the streaming media and online radio space. As you may already know, quality authority backlinks are important to your website’s offsite Search Engine Optimization and thus your website rankings. So adding your station to the Netmix can help drive listeners from searches as well as from the Directory itself.

Featured Listings and Sponsors

Want even more exposure and listeners for your Station? We’ve also added extra reward level options for a Featured Listing and/or Frontpage Sponsor Logo position. Featured Listings will get equally rotated top positions in the main directory as well as in the listing positions for their type. And to keep the Frontpage Logo Sponsors reward high value, we are limiting the placements for those levels, so if you want this option, we recommend getting in sooner to claim your spot so you don’t miss out.

If you’re interested in a Featured Listing or Frontpage Logo Sponsors placements, please let us know and we’ll help walk you through the process to reserve your spot.

Next Steps!

What you should do right now, is after you download the plugin and set up your Shows, signup for a Netmix® account via the Station Listing page. You can then click on the “Connect with Patreon” button. If you are already a Supporter then you can just log in to Patreon here, and if not, you’ll be asked to choose a level and add your credit card details via the Patreon interface. Of course, you’ll be on an honor system with what level you pick, so if we determine your site is Commercial, but you’ve picked Individual, we’ll simply contact you to ask you to change your supporter level.

Giving Levels are as follows:

1. Individual (and podcasters) – $5 per month
2. College (or school/university) – $10 per month
3. Community (not-for-profit / LPFM ) – $15 per month
4. Commercial (for profit) – $25 per month

Once you’ve Connected your Patreon account to your Netmix® account, you will be able to add your Station Name, URL, and other details, and the we’ll handle the rest! If your Station isn’t already added via this awesome WordPress plugin, then now is the time to make it happen!

More Surprises! Pro and Add Ons…

Remember, we are in the midst of developing Radio Station Pro and planning the roll-out of other Add-Ons for Radio Station, which will surely enhance the plugin further and provide new tools to help you run your broadcast, webcast, or podcast on your WordPress website. To get there, we need your support and invite you to become a Patreon supporter today to support Radio Station, helping to continue to make this happen!

Stay tuned to the blog for more!!!


Screenshot of Radio Station Main Show Calendar View

Radio Station 2.3.0 Pre-Release Announcement

First Major Update to Radio Station for WordPress

After taking over Radio Station from its creator, Nikki Blight (@kionae) in June of last year, from our first update (2.2.0) we gradually fixed a good deal of bugs and improved existing functionality, while also bringing it up to modern WordPress coding standards. Nikki gave us so much to work with and we spent many hours thinking through enhancements and fixes, but in the back of our minds, we knew we had so much more to do. The last update (2.2.8) brought stability to the plugin and it was finally updated to our liking. It was then decided we would focus on features for a major version (2.3.0), so we skipped a minor release (2.2.9) to get it done. 🙂

The last update (2.2.8) brought stability to the plugin and it was finally updated to our liking. It was then decided we would focus on features for a major version (2.3.0), so we skipped a minor release (2.2.9) to get it done. 🙂 While we have coded everything in a way to as to cause the least disruption, it is recommended you check your (new) plugin settings in the Admin Plugin Options panel we’re adding, as well as the various page layouts on your site after updating.

When you soon see the plugin prompt to upgrade in your Plugins list, we strongly urge you to back up first. If you have a staging environment, upgrade there before you push live to ensure that your site doesn’t break. Test out all of the new features and reformat your site to take advantage of the new Show page template.

What’s Coming Up in Radio Station 2.3.0?

Along with a rewritten codebase, massively cool and interesting features have also been added to 2.3.0, and we are excited at the growing possibilities for usage of this plugin. The full details will have to wait until the release is finalized, but for now, here is a summarized list of what you can expect.

Show Page Layout

Probably one of the most significant improvements we made is to the way single Show pages display. The old method for displaying single Shows was via templates, and yet, this meant having to write your own custom theme-compatible template, or otherwise address possible display conflicts with the legacy plugin templates. To make the plugin more theme independent, the Show Page will use the single Theme template of your choice and instead, filter the content area to display the new Show Layout. Certainly far more robust!

The new template also brings Posts and Playlists closer to the top of the page and uses switchable tabs to navigate between both. In the past, these features fell far below the Show Description. We observed many sites failing to use these features correctly because they weren’t as prevalent on the page. You had to scroll deep to find them and with some page builders, they disappeared altogether. They sort of sat there with no content as just empty header titles with no content filling them in.

And, we added support for Featured Image. You can now use Show Image for the Show avatar (usually a logo) and Featured Image for a large, attractive banner image to promote each show.

You can also raise funds for a Show with the new Patreon feature. Just add your Patreon URL in the Admin Plugin Options field for your Show or Station.

We hope the combination of Show More for the Show Description and the Tabbed access to Posts and Playlists create a better user experience and spur on usage to enhance and bring forward important content on your radio station websites.

Here is a screenshot of the new layout previewed on our Radio Station Demo site.

Radio Station for WordPress Updated Show Page Layout
Radio Station for WordPress Updated Show Page Layout

Because this change is quite significant, be aware this one may require action on your part! In the majority of cases, all that will change is that your single Show pages will look heaps better without needing any action, but realistically we know there are non-standard themes out there so it is worth checking! And, we’ve seen where some stations are using the Show Description field to post episodic content. A new “Show More” function will hide extremely long, unwieldy Show Description content, so other important content is no longer pushed far down and below the fold.

Mobile Responsive Grid View

We architected a mobile-responsive grid view to display in mobile devices, such that the current day and future days display. There is a left to right arrow included to toggle between the viewable days on a mobile device. This will help mobile users view your schedule adjusted to the viewer’s device and browser. It can be either set to “ON” in the Admin Plugin Options or you can use the shortcode displayed to add to any page or post.

Tabbed Schedule View Now Included

Nikki originally included the tabbed view as a developer-centric addition to Radio Station. In the past, to display the tabbed view, you had to add some code retrieved from the FAQ documentation and implement it yourself. In 2.3.0, it’s a simple toggle in the new Admin Plugin Options panel to turn it on. And, the tabbed view is fully responsive, as well.

Admin Plugin Options

It was time!

The need to be able to set new Plugin Settings via a Plugin Options admin page kept coming up. So we did it, based on an existing plugin settings class that we adapted and updated for the purpose. Since these are new settings, we considered it important each one come with a helper description next to the option and all options be placed under relevant tabs and sub-sections. For example, you can now set your station Timezone, streaming URL, and assign automatic pages for displaying your Schedule.

Radio Station Admin Settings Panel
Radio Station Admin Settings Panel


Fully Revamped Scheduling

Since the existing schedule calculations were not allowing for more complex, but much-needed improvements to the codebase, they’ve been rewritten in their entirety. No mean feat! But we needed a more solid basis for adding features in the future. Plus this allowed us to add…

Shift Conflict Checker

Radio Station will now let you know automatically in an admin notification bar should you have a Show that overlaps with another one(shown below)

Show Shift Conflict Checker Notification Bar View
Show Shift Conflict Checker Notification Bar View

And, you can also see this information visually highlighted in the Show list view (shown below) and the Show Edit screen view (shown below). And, it will now better handle shift conflicts when you add or edit shifts with overlap.

Show Shift Conflict Checker for Radio Station plugin for WordPress
Show Admin Page Shift Conflict View

REST API Endpoints

You read that right! A full API implementation of data output for your Full Schedule or Show List. We have a great plan for using this that we will be announcing in the near future. Stay tuned! (It also has a fallback to output data via a Feed if you have disabled the REST API for some reason.)

Language Taxonomy Support

Radio Station Show Language Selector
Radio Station Show Language Selector

You can now add assign Language(s) to your Shows (and Schedule Overrides.) Similar to how you can already assign Genres via the Genre Taxonomy. You can set a default language in the new Admin Plugin Options settings, and then assign one or more Languages to Shows, as needed.

New Producer Role

Similar to assigning Hosts and DJs to a Show, you will be able to assign a Producer to a Show. This was done by adding a Producer role, which acts basically the same way as the existing DJ / Host role. The assigned Producer(s) will then be able to log in under their own user account to edit the Show as well as being listed on the Show Page, just like the DJs / Hosts already are.

This was added for security reasons, so WordPress Admins, Hosts, and DJs would not have to unnecessarily pass their login user names and passwords to interns or Producers. And, the Producer role could make changes while being tracked by any plugin with an activity monitor. Giving station employees master admin access is not advisable for security reasons. And, sharing passwords between Hosts and DJs with show Producers is also not advisable. We think this solves that problem.

Plus, the Producer role is added to the Show page frontend display. Producers should get credit on a website for shows they help produce, shouldn’t they? So, here’s to all the Producers around the world that should be credited for their hard work! Cheers!

Updated Widgets and Shortcodes

Since the schedule calculations have changed, all widgets and shortcodes have also been updated to use them. Also added are new Archive shortcodes for displaying Shows, Show Posts, Show Playlists and Shows by Genre. We’ve also added 12 / 24 hour time switchers to widgets and a Showtime countdown clock, as well.

Action Steps

Here are a few action steps you can take right now:

1. View the demo version of 2.3.0 beta right now at

2. Need support? Please visit

3. Want to contribute to the development of the open-source and free version of Radio Station, or make a feature request? Dive into the codebase and generate a pull request at Or, add your feature request to our Git repo.

4. We also want to hear from our users. We’d love for you to respond to this email and tell us about your radio station or Internet broadcasting website. We want to know how you’re using the plugin and where in the world you are.

5. Speaking of the world…we need translators for the plugin, especially after 2.3.0 is pushed. Please get in touch with us at to let us know you are interested in translating the plugin to your language. We’ll get you on your way!

6. Follow us on Twitter: @netmix

7. Like our Netmix page on Facebook and join our Netmix Facebook Group.

8. You can also take our survey.


We’re sure you’ll agree, this update features a slew of great changes and cool new stuff!  Check the Radio Station Demo website for a full preview of beta 2.3.0 before it’s officially released.

While it’s all ready to go, we still need to update and add the relevant documentation to reflect the new version. More details on these changes and features will also be announced once we release Radio Station 2.3.0 in the coming days.

We’re confident you’ll love the new release, so stay tuned for this upcoming release announcement and be ready for the awesome next phase of Radio Station for WordPress! Until then, keep an eye out for the next newsletter announcing the release of Radio Station 2.3.0, coming very soon!

A very special thanks to Tony Hayes, our truly gifted and talented lead developer, who has spent many a day or night down under in Australia to move the ball forward and code-up the best iteration yet!

News about the upcoming release of Radio Station 2.3.0

Here at Netmix, we had a great holiday season. And we hope you did too! While we've been celebrating the New Year, we've also been quite busy with our heads down in our laptops tracking and squashing bugs in the next release, 2.3.0. It's been a while since our last newsletter, so we thought now is as good a time as any to get out an email blast to keep you updated with our progress. We also want to connect with the 50+ new email subscribers who signed up for the newsletter since our last blast!

Read more

Web flyer Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 19

Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 19

Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 19 mixed by DJ Tony Z featuring music by Alexander Sky and Facewell, Whilk & Misky, Hot Since 82, Dajae & Riva Starr, Disclosure feat. Sam Smith, Caribou, as well as Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit, and Proper.

 Track Listing:

  1. Alexander Sky, Facewell – A Love Like This feat. Alexander Sky (Marc & Spencer Remix)
  2. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Omen (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
  3. Whilk & Misky – Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix)
  4. Guy J – Nirvana (Original Mix)
  5. Jennifer Hudson, Gorgon City – Go All Night (Booka Shade Remix)
  6. Hot Since 82 – Veins (Original Mix)
  7. Dario D’Attis – Do It Right (Original Mix)
  8. Dajae, Riva Starr – The Loft (Original Mix)
  9. Ted Nilsson, Stuart Ojelay – In The Beginning (Original Mix)
  10. ANOTR – Strobe (Original Mix)
  11. Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit, Proper – Over Here (Deeper Mix)
  12. Robert Clivilles f K.Davis – Set Me Free (Robert Clivilles + Eric Kupper Anthem Vocal remix)
  13. Bob Sinclair ft Dawn Tallman – Feel The Vibe (BS and EH Remix)
  14. MK, Milly Pye – Bring Me To Life feat. Milly Pye (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)
  15. Demarkus Lewis – It Never Gets Old (Tribute To Pepe Mix)
  16. Doorly – Break-a-Dawn (Original Mix)
  17. Shenoda – Streak (Original Mix)
  18. Solomon Grey – Miradors (Lane 8 Remix)
  19. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)

New Show Page Layout & JetPack Compatibility Coming in 2.3.0

A much-needed facelift for the Show Page

One can look as far back as 2001 to a post on Nikki Blight’s blog to see Nikki Blight’s reveal of the Playlist feature of what today has morphed into the Radio Station plugin you may be using. It’s been over 8-years since the idea was formed and features like the Show page creator, Playlists generator, On-Air Host/DJ and Upcoming Show widgets were introduced. Development stopped in 2015, which means for the past four-years, layout issues haven’t been addressed. When we took over the plugin last June, we dug in to learn as much as we could about Radio Station and a few glaring issues revealed themselves.

JetPack Related Posts and Sharing Split Content Sections

We found many sites using Radio Station, where JetPack is active and Related Posts and Sharing are turned on, do insert the respective modules between the Show description and the Playlist and Blog Posts, effectively separating the features of the plugin from each other. We think this may cause confusion as to what the plugin is supposed to cohesively display when JetPack jumps in the middle.

This issue happens because of the way Radio Station loads each of the content sections separately in the code. The original layout was programmed well before JetPack and its associated Related Posts and Sharing features became insanely popular. It has yet to be addressed, so we are updating the layout of Radio Station so that all sections load before these popular JetPack modules. While you can turn off Related Posts per page or post type and you can disable the Sharing bar, for those sites using these tools it will be a welcome change.

Why You Should Not Use the Show Description to Archive Content

Another issue we uncovered is when station websites use the main text field for Show Description to add a continuous stream of content, as shown in the screenshot here.

We understand why site admins are using the Show Description in a similar manner to a blog post. They simply may not know to use Blog > Add New, then attach the post to the Show Page using a meta box inserted into the post editor, as shown in the screenshot below.

Using this method, the blog post will be added under the Blog Posts heading as the last section of the show page.

There are a few things that happen when using just the Show Description for archive content:

First, someone has to scroll the entire page to find the exact archived content they are looking for.

Second, they cannot use the WordPress site search to find the content nor can they use a Google search, because the piece of content is in a long, running stream and not a separate post object unto itself.

Third, you can only share the Page in social media and not each individual archived piece of content. There’s no specific URL to add to a social post, which means it can’t pull any Open Graph metadata for a specific post and display a title, image, and excerpt once the social post is published in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any social network that uses Open Graph to display the post object.

Sure, someone could search Google for the archive content and Google might point you to the Show page, but even then Google might return the page and you’d have to scroll the page to look for the content in the search query. Since it’s mixed in with the other content, it’s difficult to link to.

And, the Featured Image can then also be used with Open Graph if you’re selecting the image in the Open Graph setting using by SEO plugins with Social Meta features like our favorite plugin, All in One SEO PackLastly, say you want to use a Podcast plugin like the Blubrry PowerPress plugin we recommend. You can only have one audio enclosure on a page or post, so you’ll need to use the Posts engine in WordPress to create your archives and then generate your Podcast feed. If all your audio embeds are on a single page, there’s no way to generate a Podcast feed as your shows archive. That’s a missed opportunity to publish your show archives to Apple Podcasts,Google Podcasts,Stitcher, and other Podcasting aggregators, as well as having each individual archive show found in search.

New Layout

Given all the above issues we’ve uncovered, there’s yet another issue we found with page builders like Divi Builder.

When you want to use the plugin with modern page builders like Divi or it’s popular competitor, Elementor, the way the plugin is set up now, it’s based on the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. We’ve found that when using a page builder, only the Show Description is included in the Divi page when you use the method to rename a Divi page template to “show.php.” The other elements are then left off the page and there’s no workaround. It makes Radio Station difficult to use with modern page builders, so we’re working on improving the way the plugin loads its content, which should resolve this issue.

And, since Radio Station’s layout hasn’t been improved since it’s inception, it’s really time for a facelift. The following screenshot is a wireframe of what Radio Station might look like in version 2.3.0, which we are working on now.

The purpose of this new layout is to help reorganize the content in a way that works for any mobile responsive theme.

Here’s a list of additional fixes we’re going to make:

1. Featured Image is currently being used for Show Logo, when it really should be used as a banner. Maybe it’s a photo of the hosts in the studio or a large banner. You decide, but Featured Image should have never been used for a Logo, so we’re adding a function to keep Featured Image and have it load the image the width of the page below the Show Title. Then, we’re going to have a Show Logo, just like you have an avatar on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network. You’re featured image then becomes your page’s “Cover” banner and there’s a separate area for your show’s logo.

2. I’ll mention this here now, but it’s not coming in the Free version, but will be in a future PRO version. We’ll be adding support for the following utility and social links with icons representing each. There are already fields for Email and Website, but you’ll now see icons on the Show page next to the Description and under the new logo area. I mention it because it’s displayed in the screenshot below.

  • Email
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • MixCloud
  • Spotify

3. Instead of a link for most recent broadcast, we’re turning that into a button, which will site under the Show Logo.

4. We’re adding a new user role of Editor / Producer, so that the station manager or show host / DJ does not have to give their login to an editor or producer to login and updated content. Any activity log for WordPress can track what users to, so setting up a new role will help delineate who is logging in to update content. All users designated as Editor / Producer will now be listed on the Show Page, which will give credit not only to the hosts and DJs, but also to the team members working on the show.

5. We’re adding two tabs: Posts and Playlists that the user can toggle between on the Show page, so that content is not pushed down the page making the scroll longer than it need be.

6. We’re adding an admin Settings screen, where you will be able to set the master calendar to Grid or List View. On the front end page for your master schedule, the user will be able to toggle Grid or List view, as well.

7. We’re reorganizing the show information at the top of the Show page for desktop and mobile. The Show Description will now have a heading, “About.” Underneath, Schedule will be reworked to make it fit in the center column and we’ll add a designation today for Eastern Standard Time and in a future PRO version, you’ll be able to designate your local Time Zone for display. We’re also planning a Time Zone switcher, so users can switch to their own local time zone. Show Start and End time display is being reworked and a “Repeat” icon will designate shows that are “encore presentations.”

Here’s a look at a wireframe of what we’re planning.

For those who are using the Show description content area, this is going to impact the way you’re publishing your archive content today. This may be a pain point, so we urge you to go back and take all that archived content you added to your show description and create individual blog posts. We think you’ll have two to three weeks before 2.3.0 is ready, so it’s best to get started now.

If you’re not ready to do this, that’s okay. But we think you may wait to upgrade to 2.3.0 until you’ve moved that content to Posts, where the content is supposed to be. This will be great for your SEO and provide you with long-tail Posts that will get incremental traffic. Because when you post all that archive content into the Show Description, you can’t manipulate the SEO like you can with individual Posts.Show Info, Logos, and Featured Image.

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Radio Station 2.2.8

On Friday, October 4th, we released Radio Station 2.2.8. This version was a bug fix release to solve for an issue introduced in 2.2.7. When one of our developers updated the plugin’s code to reflect new WordPress coding standards, which hadn’t been implemented since the plugin ceased development in 2015, he applied a “strict” setting for in_array that when active affected some users whereas the assigned Host/DJ could no longer edit a Show page, blog posts were not being posted to the Show’s blog, day and times would not print to the x/y of the master calendar. All have been resolved. We also had a report that when using a language pack, days of the week were not displaying. This was fixed, as well.

Outside of the plugin, we also changed the demo site link to, so that we could showcase the plugin with the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme, instead of the Make theme, which we use for this site. Some users were experiencing a 522 error, so we updated the DNS configuration, which caused unnecessary redirects and intermittent access.

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