Radio Station Change Log

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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

= 2.5.9 = * Fixed: Missing use of prepare method on some database queries * Added: Vulnerability disclosure program link to FAQ * Added: Edit Host/Producer link to admin Show List column

= 2.5.8 = * Fixed: Template display for themes showing excerpts on singular pages * Fixed: Possible next show duplicates current show in Data API * Fixed: Save multiple Show related post values * Fixed: Count bug on Override Archive shortcode * Fixed: Date/time display on Override Archive shortcode * Fixed: Show file Disable Download checkbox saving * Added: Use automatic Embeds on external Show file URLs * Added: Nonce check to notice dismissal AJAX * Changed: Removed player state saving iframe

= 2.5.7 = * Updated: Freemius SDK (2.6.0) * Disabled: Howler Player Script (browser compatibility issues) * Improved: Schedule Engine Weekdate calculations * Fixed: AJAX shortcode/widget loading for current time * Fixed: Widget title display duplication

= 2.5.6 = * Updated: Freemius SDK (2.5.11) * Updated: Plugin Panel (1.3.0) * Added: Filter for query and meta for show post list shortcode * Updated: Language translations file (.pot) * Updated: Bundled Dutch translation * Fixed: check linked override shifts before displaying * Fixed: hide empty widgets to work in AJAX loading mode * Fixed: remove direct usages of date function * Fixed: display of show posts on show page (query) * Fixed: Data API next_show data field * Fixed: minor schedule engine issues * Improved: more consistent sanitization and escaping

= 2.5.5 = * Updated: Freemius SDK (2.5.10) * Added: RSS Posts Feed: Related Show node * Added: RSS Show Feed: Host/Producer node * Fixed: Prefix Block element JS constant to prevent conflict (EventOn) * Fixed: RSS Posts Feed: filter by Show conflict

= 2.5.4 = * Updated: Freemius SDK (2.5.9) * Fixed: Missing player back-compat arguments

= 2.5.3 = * Fixed: Bug in Admin Override Timeslot List

= 2.5.2 = * Fixed: Bug retrieving show data for linked overrides

= 2.5.1 = * Fixed: Widget Countdown Timer Display Bug * Fixed: Pro Player Backwards Compatibility

= 2.5.0 = * Added: Radio Station Blocks! (converted Widgets) * Updated: Freemius SDK (2.5.7) * Updated: Plugin Panel (1.2.9) * Updated: AmplitudeJS (5.3.2) * Updated: Howler (2.2.3) * Updated: Moment JS (2.29.4) with WP Loading * Improved: Refactored Schedule Engine Class * Improved: Redesigned higher resolution player buttons * Improved: Standardized Widget Input Fields * Improved: WordPress Coding Standards * Improved: Sanitization using KSES * Improved: Translation Implementation * Improved: use WP JSON functions for data endpoints * Improved: Schedule Templates to use Classes and Instances * Improved: Tab Schedule default date display on * Improved: use wp_send_json for feed endpoints * Added: Freemius Pricing Page v2 * Added: assign Playlist to a specific Show Shift * Added: Quick Edit of Playlist to assign to Show * Added: Volume Control options to Player widget * Fixed: Countdowns with multiple widget instances * Fixed: Radio Player iOS no volume control detection * Fixed: Mobile detection (via any pointer type) * Fixed: Genre/Language Archive Pagination * Fixed: Adjacent Post Links (where show has one shift) * Fixed: Workaround Amplitude pause event not firing * Fixed: inline scripts when main script in head tag * Security Fix: Escape all debug output content

  • Update: Sysend (1.11.1) for Radio Player
  • Fixed: missing register REST routes permission_callback argument
  • Fixed: added property_exists checks for PHP8 TypeErrors

  • Update: Plugin Panel (1.2.2)
  • Added: filter plugin icon for Freemius activation screen
  • Updated: clear plugin updates transient on activation/deactivation
  • Fixed: filter plugin updates to prevent Pro ever overwriting Free
  • Changed: plugin options array moved to a separate file

  • Fix: remove debug output breaking redirects/data endpoints
  • Updated: main language translation file
  • Added: list of Pro filters to documentation

  • Update: Freemius SDK (2.4.3)
  • Updated: documentation links to new demo site address
  • Fixed: remove duplicate Related Show box in Post Quick Edit
  • Fixed: multiple attributes for automatic pages shortcodes
  • Fixed: hide inactive tab shortcode section on tab click
  • Fixed: undefined warning for debugshifts
  • Fixed: current show in schedule when on exact start second
  • Added: filters for time and date separators
  • Added: description/excerpt to single show data endpoint

  • Fixed: plugin conflicts causing fatal errors

  • Improved: clear cache on show/override status transitions
  • Fixed: DJ / Host can edit own/others Show permissions
  • Fixed: Override link to show dropdown query
  • Fixed: Fallback scripts and fallback stream URLs
  • Fixed: Radio Clock responsive width display
  • Fixed: Collapse descriptions for non-show pages
  • Fixed: Deduplicate dates in week (daylight saving fix)

  • Update: Plugin Panel (1.2.1) with zero value save and tab fixes
  • Added: option to disable player audio fallback scripts
  • Added: option to hide various volume controls
  • Improved: lazy load player audio fallback scripts
  • Improved: added author support to post types for quick edit
  • Refix: missing fix to active day tab on pageload
  • Fixed: player volume slider background position (cross-browser)
  • Fixed: missing title value for adjacent post links
  • Fixed: Fallback scripts and fallback stream URLs

  • Fixed: Multiple Player instance IDs
  • Fixed: Player loading button glow animation
  • Added: Enabled Pro Pricing plans page
  • Added: Widget type specific classes
  • Added: Alternative text positions in Player
  • Added: Pause button graphics to Player

  • Fixed: Rounded player play button background corner style
  • Fixed: Tabbed schedule active day tab on pageload
  • Improved: Radio Clock Widget layout


  • Added: Radio Stream Player!
  • Fixed: Shows archive shortcode with no Shows selected

  • Update: Plugin Panel (1.1.8) with Number Step Min/Max fix
  • Update: Freemius SDK (2.4.2)
  • Improved: Allow for Multiple Override Times (with AJAX Saving)
  • Improved: Markdown Extra Compatibility for PHP 7.4+
  • Added: Link Override to Show Data with selectable Show Fields
  • Added: Language Archive Shortcode (similar to Genre Archive)
  • Added: Display Linked Override Date List on Show Pages
  • Added: Automatic user showtime conversion and display
  • Fixed: Show Schedule sometimes starting on previous week
  • Fixed: Current Show highlighting timer interval cycling
  • Fixed: Before and After Show classes when no current Show
  • Fixed: Shows Data Endpoint 24 Hour Shift Format and Encore Switch
  • Fixed: Multiple host separator display in Current Show Widget
  • Fixed: Playlist Widget playlist ended label when no next playlist
  • Fixed: Conflicting duplicate filter name for Show Avatar
  • Fixed: Time conversions where start/finish Show/Override is equal
  • Fixed: Show page subarchive lists pagination button arrow display
  • Fixed: Show Shifts with same start time overwriting bug

  • Update: Plugin Panel (1.1.7) with Image and Color Picker fields & Documentation: Full Plugin Filter List added to docs/
  • Added: Stream Format and Fallback/Format selection setting
  • Added: Station Image and Station Title for future Player Display
  • Added: Station Email Address setting with default display option
  • Added: Section order filtering for Master Schedule Views
  • Added: Section display filtering for Master Schedule Views
  • Added: Section display filtering for Widget sections
  • Added: Show image alignment attribute to Schedule Tabs View
  • Added: Show Description/Excerpt to Show Data Endpoint (via querystring)
  • Added: Reduced opacity for past Shows on Schedule Tab/Table Views
  • Added: Screen Reader text for Show icons on Show Page
  • Fixed: Display Widget Countdown when no Current Show/Playlist
  • Fixed: Check for explicit singular.php template usage setting
  • Fixed: Access to Shows Data via querystring of Show ID/name
  • Fixed: Shows Data for Genres/Languages querystring of ID/name
  • Fixed: Override Display order output for Tab/List Views

  • Fixed: Schedule Overrides overlapping multiple Show shifts
  • Fixed: Bulk Edit field repetition and possible jQuery conflict
  • Fixed: Related Posts check producing error output
  • Fixed: WordPress Readme Parser deprecated errors for PHP7

  • Update: Freemius SDK (2.4.1)
  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.6) with phone number and CSV validation
  • Added: Station phone number setting with default display option
  • Added: Schedule classes for Shows before and after current Show
  • Improved: current Show highlighting on Schedule for overnight shifts
  • Improved: info section reordering filters on single Show template
  • Fixed: Edit permissions checks for Related to Show post assignments
  • Fixed: Main Language option value for WordPress Setting
  • Fixed: make Date on Tab clickable on Tabbed Schedule View
  • Fixed: prevent possible conflicts with changes not saved reload message
  • Fixed: do not conflict check Shift against itself for last shift check
  • Fixed: link back to Show posts for related Show posts (allow multiple)
  • Fixed: filter next/previous post link for (multiple) related Show posts
  • Fixed: automatic pages conflict where themes filter the_content early

  • Fixed: use schedule based on start_day if specified for Schedule view
  • Fixed: day left/right shifting on Schedule table/tab mobile views
  • Added: past/today/future filter for Schedule Override List
  • Added: filter for Schedule display start day (and to accept today)
  • Added: current playlist (if any) to Broadcast Data endpoint

  • Improved: auto-match show description to info height on Show pages
  • Improved: allow multiple Related Show selection for single post
  • Improved: ability to assign Post to relate to multiple Shows
  • Added: Related Show Post List column and Quick Edit field
  • Added: Related Show selection Bulk Edit Action for Post List
  • Added: filters for label texts and title attributes on Show Page
  • Added: filter for label text above Show Player (default empty)

  • Fixed: improved Current Show and Upcoming Shows calculations
  • (Display showtimes when show starts before and ends after midnight)

  • Update: Freemius SDK (2.4.0)
  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.4) with weird isset glitch fix
  • Fixed: Current Show for Shows ending at midnight
  • Fixed: incorrect AJAX Widget plugin setting value
  • Fixed: use pageload data for schedules before transients


  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.3) with non-strict select match fix
  • Improved: width responsiveness for table/tabbed Schedule views
  • Improved: show shifts interface background colors
  • Added: navigate away from page on shift change check
  • Added: default time format option to Widgets
  • Removed: current show transients (intermittant unreliability)
  • Fixed: AJAX call causing plugin conflicts via save_post action
  • Fixed: calculation of Upcoming Shows near end of the week
  • Fixed: remove and duplicate actions on new shifts


  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.2) with settings link fix
  • Improved: use plugin timezone setting for all times
  • Improved: show shift conflict checker logic
  • Added: Radio Clock Widget for user/server time display
  • Added: AJAX widget load option (to bypass page caches)
  • Added: automated show schedule highlighting (table/tabs/list)
  • Added: playlist track arrows for re-ordering tracks
  • Added: AJAX save of show shifts and playlist tracks
  • Added: post type editing metabox position filtering
  • Added: more display attributes to Master Schedule shortcode
  • Added: time format filters for time output displays
  • Added: javascript user timezone display on Master Schedule
  • Fixed: handling of UTC only timezone settings
  • Fixed: added check for empty role capabilities
  • Fixed: added settings submenu redirection fix
  • Fixed: show and override midnight end conflict
  • Fixed: calculate next shows at end of schedule week
  • Fixed: metaboxes disappearing on position sorting
  • Fixed: move tracks marked New to end of Playlist on update
  • Fixed: override shift array output showing above schedule
  • Fixed: master schedule specify days attribute bug
  • Fixed: display real end time of overnight split shifts
  • Fixed: master schedule display with days attribute
  • Fixed: logic for Affected Shifts in override list
  • Fixed: removed auto-tab selection change on tab view resize
  • Fixed: Current Show widget schedule/countdown for Overrides
  • Fixed: multiple overrides in schedule range variable conflict


  • Update: Plugin Loader (1.1.1) with Freemius first path fix
  • Fixed: conditions for Schedule Override time calculations
  • Fixed: schedule table view - 12 hour format with translations
  • Fixed: schedule table view hour column width style
  • Fixed: javascript table/tab arrows to prevent default click
  • Fixed: undefined index warning when saving show with no shifts
  • Fixed: append not echo override date to shortcode archive list
  • Fixed: compatibility with multiple the_content calls (Yoast)
  • Fixed: reset to showcontinued flag in Schedule (table view)
  • Added: option to clear transients on every pageload
  • Added: show avatar and featured image URLs to Data API output
  • Added: option to ping Netmix directory on show updates
  • Added: filters for widget section display order


  • Include: Plugin Loader (1.1.0) with plugin options and settings
  • Include: Freemius SDK (2.3.0) and Freemius integration
  • Feature: assign new Producer role to a Show for Show displays
  • Feature: internal Schedule Show Shift Conflict checking
  • Feature: Show Shift saving completeness and conflict checking
  • Feature: added Data Endpoints API via WordPress REST and Feeds
  • Feature: options to set Page and default View for Master Schedule
  • Feature: post type Archive Shortcodes and Show-related Shortcodes
  • Feature: display Radio Timezone on Master Schedule table view
  • Feature: added Show Header image to Shows for single Show display
  • Feature: added Show Language Taxonomy to Shows (and Overrides)
  • Feature: added Countdown clock for Show and Playlists Widgets
  • Improved: new Data Model and Schedule (with Override) Calculation
  • Improved: new Show Content Template layout display method
  • Improved: new Playlist Content Template layout display method
  • Improved: added multiple Genre highlight selection on Master Schedule
  • Improved: added Custom Field and Revision support to post types
  • Improved: missing output sanitization throughout the plugin
  • Improved: added file hierarchy fallbacks for CSS, JS and Templates
  • Improved: enqueue conditional scripts inline instead of echoing
  • Improved: Master Schedule displays enhancements and styling
  • Improved: add Responsiveness to Master Schedule Table and Tab View
  • Improved: add View/Edit links for editing custom post types
  • Improved: load Datepicker styles locally instead of via Google
  • Improved: add debug function for debug display and logging
  • Improved: add links from Show Posts back to Show Page
  • Improved: added Duplicate Shift button to Show Shift Editing
  • Roles: new Show Producer role (same capabilities as DJ / Host)
  • Roles: new Show Editor role (edit permissions but not Admin)
  • Roles: Changed DJ role Label to DJ / Host (for talk show usage)
  • Admin: Added Plugin Settings Admin Page (via Plugin Loader)
  • Admin: Added plugin Upgrade / Updated details admin notices
  • Admin: Schedule conflict notice and Show conflicts in Shift column
  • Admin: Show/Override content indicator columns to Admin Show list
  • Admin: Show Description helper text metabox on Show edit screen
  • Admin: Fix to restore Admin Bar New/Edit links for plugin post types
  • Admin: Store installed version for future updates and announcements
  • Disabled: automatic loading of old templates (non theme agnostic)


  • Fix to remove strict type checking from in_array (introduced 2.2.6)
  • Fix to mismatched flush rewrite rules flag function name
  • Fix to undefined index warnings for new Schedule Overrides
  • Fix to not 404 author pages for DJs without blog posts
  • Fix to implode blog array for Show blog post listing


  • Dutch translation added (Thank you to André Dortmont for the file!)
  • Added Tabbed Display for Master Schedule Shortcode (via Tutorial)
  • Add Show list columns with active, shift, DJs and show image displays
  • Add Schedule Override list columns with date sorting and filtering
  • Add playlist track information labels to Now Playing Widget
  • Added meridiem (am/pm) translations via WP Locale class
  • Added star rating link to plugin announcement box
  • Added update subscription form to plugin Help page
  • Fix to checkbox value saving for On Air/Upcoming Widgets
  • Fix 12 hour show time display in Upcoming Widget
  • Fix PM 12 hour shot time display in On Air Widget
  • Fix to schedule override date picker value visibility
  • Fix to weekday and month translations to use WP Locale
  • Fix to checkbox value saving in Upcoming Widget
  • Split Plugin Admin Functions into separate file
  • Split Post Type Admin Functions into separate include
  • Revert anonymous function use in widget registrations


  • Reorganize master-list shortcode into templates
  • Add constant for plugin directory
  • Use WP_Query instead of get_posts
  • New posts_per_page and tax_query
  • Fixes for undefined indexes
  • Fixes for raw mysql queries
  • Typecasting to support strict comparisons


  • WordPress coding standards and best practices (thanks to Mike Garrett @mikengarrett)


  • added title position and avatar width options to widgets
  • added missing DJ author links as new option to widgets
  • cleanup, improve and fix enqueued Widget CSS (on air/upcoming)
  • improved to show Encore Presentation in show widget displays
  • fix to Show shift Encore Presentation checkbox saving


  • added flush rewrite rules on plugin activation/deactivation
  • added show_admin_column and show_in_quick_edit for Genres
  • added show metadata and schedule value sanitization
  • fix to 00 minute validation for Schedule Override
  • convert span tags to div tags in Widgets to fix line breaks


  • shift main playlist and show metaboxes above editor
  • set plugin custom post types editor to Classic Editor
  • add high priority to side metaboxes for plugin post types
  • added dismissable development changeover admin notice
  • added simple Patreon supporter image button and blurb
  • added filter for DJ Avatar size on Author page template
  • fix to Schedule Override metabox value saving
  • fix to Playlist track list items overflowing metabox
  • fix to shift up time row on Master Schedule table view
  • fix to missing weekday headings in Master Schedule table
  • fix to weekday display for Upcoming DJ Widget
  • fix to user display labels on select DJ metabox
  • fix to file_exists check for DJ on Air stylesheet path
  • fix to make DJ multi-select input full metabox width
  • fix to expand admin menu when on genre taxonomy page
  • fix to expand admin menu when editing plugin post types
  • fix to genre submenu item link for current page
  • added GitHub URI to plugin header for GitHub updater


  • Re-commit all missing files via SVN


  • WordPress coding standards refactoring for WP 5 (thanks to Tony Hayes @majick777)
  • fixed the protocol in jQuery UI style Google URL
  • reprefixed all functions for consistency (radio_station_)
  • updated all the widget constructor methods
  • merged the menu items into a single main menu
  • updated the capability checks for the menu items
  • moved the help and export pages to /templates/
  • moved all the css files to /css/
  • enqeued the djonair css from within the widget
  • use plugins_url for all resource URLs
  • added $wpdb->prepare to sanitize a query
  • added some sanization for metabox save values
  • added a week and month translation helper
  • added a radio station antenna icon


  • Added method for displaying schedule for only a single day (see readme section for the master-schedule shortcode for details).


  • Compatibility fix for Wordpress 4.3.x - Updated the widgets to use PHP5 constructors instead of the deprecated PHP4 constructors.
  • Catalan translation added (Thank you to Victor Riera for the file!)


  • Bug fix - Fixed day of the week language translation issue in master schedule shortcode
  • Bug fix - Added some error checking in the sidebar widgets
  • New Feature - Added ability to give schedule overrides a featured image
  • New Feature - Added built-in help page


  • General code cleanup, 4.1 compatibility testing, and changes for better efficiency.
  • Bug fix - Fixed issue with early morning shows spanning entire column in the programming grid shortcode
  • New Feature - Master programming grid can now be displayed in div format, as well as the original table and list formats.


  • Minor revisions to German translation.
  • Fixed a bug that was resetting custom-sert role capabilities for the DJ role.


  • German translation added (Thank you to Ian Hook for the file!)


  • Fixed issue on the master schedule where genres containing more than one work wouldn't highlight when clicked
  • Added ability to display DJ names on the master schedule.
  • Fixed bug in the Upcoming widget. Override Schedule no longer display as upcoming when they are on-air.
  • Verified compatibility woth WordPress 4.0


  • Added the ability to display show avatars on the program grid.
  • Added the ability to display show description in the now on-air widget and short code.


  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode


  • Russian translation added (Thank you to Alexander Esin for the file!)


  • Fixed role/capability conflict with WP User Avatar plugin.
  • Added the missing leading zero to 24-hour time format on the master schedule.
  • Fixed dj_get_current function so that it no longer returns shows that have been moved to the trash.
  • Fixed dj_get_next function so that it no longer ignores the "Active" checkbox on a show.
  • Added some CSS ids and classes to the master program schedule list format to make it more useful


  • Fixed broken upcoming show shortcode.
  • Added ability to display DJ names along with the show title in the widgets.


  • Fixed the display of schedules for upcoming shows in the widget and shortcode.
  • Fixed a bug in the dj_get_next function that was causing it to ignore the beginning of the next week at the end of the current week.


  • Fixed scheduling bug in shortcode function


  • Master Schedule now displays days starting with the start_of_week option set in the WordPress General Settings panel.
  • Fixed issue with shows that have been unplublished still showing up on the master schedule.
  • Fixed missing am/pm text on shows that run overnight on the master schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with shows that run overnight not spanning the correct number of hours on the second day on the master schedule.
  • Fixed problem in Upcoming DJ Widget that wasn't displaying the correct upcoming shift.


  • Fixed an issue with some shows displaying in 24 hour time on master schedule grid even though 12-hour time is specified
  • Fixed a bug in the On-Air widget that was preventing shows spanning two day from displaying
  • Added code to enable theme support for post-thumbnails on the "show" post-type so users don't have to add it to their theme's functions.php file anymore.


  • Master Schedule bug for shows that start at midnight and end before the hour is up fixed.


  • Compatibility fix: Fixed a jquery conflict in the backend that was occuring in certain themes


  • Bug fix: Scheduling issue with overnight shows fixed


  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP error in Playlist save function that was triggered during preview
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP notice in playlist template file
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP error in dj-widget shortcode


  • Major code reorganization for better future development
  • PHP warning fix
  • Enabled option to add comments on Shows and Playlists
  • Added option to show either single or multiple schedules in the On Air widget


  • Minor PHP warning fixes


  • Bug fix: Some of the code added in the previous update uses the array_replace() function that is only available in PHP 5.3+. Added a fallback for older PHP versions.


  • Added the ability to override the weekly schedule to allow one-off events to be scheduled
  • Added a list format option to the master schedule shortcode
  • Added Italian translation (it_IT) (thank you to Cristofaro Giuseppe!)


  • Fixed some PHP notices that were being generated when there were no playlist entries in the system.


  • Added Serbian translation (sr_RS) (thank you to Miodarag Zivkovic!)

  • Removed some debug code from one of the template files


  • Fixed some localization bugs.
  • Added Albanian translation (sq_AL) (thank you to Lorenc!)


  • Fixed some localization bugs.
  • Added French translation (fr_FR) (a big thank you to Dan over at BuddyPress France.


  • Plugin modified to allow for internationalization.
  • Spanish translation (es_ES) added.


  • Fixed a bug with shows that start at midnight not displaying in the on-air sidebar widget.
  • Switched DJ/Show avatars in the widgets to use the featured image of the show instead of gravatar.
  • Updated show template to get rid of a PHP warning that appeared if the show had no schedules.
  • Fixed some other areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6
  • Added CSS classes to master program schedule output so CSS rules can be applied to specific shows
  • Added new attribute to the list-shows shortcode to allow only specified genres to be displayed


  • Fixed master-schedule shortcode bug that was preventing display of 12 hour time


  • Compatibility fix for Wordpress 3.6 - fixed problem with giving alternative roles DJ capabilities
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6


  • Master schedule shortcode now displays indiviual shows in both 24 and 12 hour time
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6
  • Added example of how to display show schedule to single-show.php template
  • Added more options to the plugin's widgets
  • Added new options to the master-schedule shortcode


  • Fixed a bug in the CSS file override from theme directory


  • Fixed issue with templates copied to the theme directory not overriding the defaults correctly
  • Fixed incorrectly implemented wp_enqueue_styles()
  • Removed deprecated escape_attribute() function from the plugin widgets
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.6


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing sites using a non-default table prefix from seeing the list of DJs on the add/edit show pages


  • Changes to fix the incorrect list of available shows on the Add Playlist page
  • Removing Add Show links from admin menu for DJs, since they don't have permission to use them anyway.


  • Fixed a scheduling bug in the upcoming shows widget
  • By popular request, switched the order of artist and song in the now playing widget


  • Fixed issue with shows that run overnight not showing up correctly in the sidebar widgets


  • Fixed a time display bug in the DJ On-Air sidebar widget
  • Fixed a display bug on the master schedule with overnight shows


  • By request, added as 24-hour time format option to the master schedule and sidebar widgets.


  • Added the ability to assign any user with the edit_shows capability as a DJ, to accomodate custom and edited roles.


  • Fixed a bug in the DJ-on-air widget


  • Fixed a major bug in the master schedule output


  • Fixed some minor compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed Shows icon in Dashboard


  • Fixed thumbnail bug in sidebar widgets
  • Added new widget to display upcoming shows
  • Added pagination options for playlists and show blogs


  • Fixed playlist edit screen so that queued songs fall to the bottom of the list to maintain play order
  • Reduced the size of the content field in the playlist post type
  • Some minor formatting changes to default templates
  • Added genre highlighter to the master programming schedule page
  • Added a second Update button on the bottom of the playlist edit page for convinience.
  • Added sample template for DJ user pages
  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode that messed up the table for shows that are more than two hours in duration
  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode to accomodate shows that run from late night into the following morning.
  • Added new field to associate blog posts with shows


  • Initial release

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