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Netmix @ WMC 2009: Blogging, Podcasting and RSS panel

The Blogging, Podcasting and RSS panel at WMC 2009 focused on the various ways to get out the message through blogging, podcasting and RSS. Although BPM.FM and Play.FM are more streaming services than podcast outlests, the point was that Dance music radio has moved online and is where many people are accessing their favorite mix shows and artists. More @ Netmix.com.

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At the U.N.

Johan Farid Khairuddin and Tony Zeoli at the U.N.

Johan Farid Khairuddin

Johan Farid Khairuddin and I chatting at the U.N. during a break. He came in from Malaysia to participate in the U.N. Meets Web 2.0 and ICT Entrepreneurs Conference.

It was my first time at the U.N. Quite an exciting day, despite the fact that I was putting out fires all after noon and keeping my Indian friends working until ungodly hours.

I’m looking forward to working with Johan to help him with media connections in this country. I hope to travel to Malaysia at some point to work with him on his projects. The world is definitely smaller now that we’re all connected through technology.

Johan is headed to Washington on Friday, but we’re going to hook up over the weekend. Maybe I can get a podcast or video interview with him and he can tell you himself what he’s been up to!