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Netmix launches the Asheville House Music Society radio show on


It’s been some time since I’ve been behind the mic on a radio station. I remember my first radio gig in 1984. I did an internship in my senior year of high school at WCAS 740 AM in Cambridge, MA. On air since the early ’70s, the station changed hands around 1980 or 1981. According to a historical post about WCAS on, the station was in bankruptcy proceedings by late 1983. But, I remember the owner, Floyd Williams, who also operated the Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home in Dorchester, MA. He was as colorful character as a radio station owner could be. Certainly a nice man who was appreciative of my contribution at the station.

It came about after I’d met one of the station’s DJs, Marc Harris, while waiting for the bus from North Cambridge Harvard Square at a stop on Massachusetts Avenue in Porter Square, which was directly in front of the office building that housed the station. We struck up a conversation about music, DJing, and radio. At the time, my high school, the now defunct North Cambridge Catholic, launched a senior high school internship program. For the last three months of senior year, students could intern for credit at a local business.  I expressed my interest in interning at the station and Marc invited me to apply.

Because of the distance an AM signal can travel at night as the waveform bounces off the earth’s atmosphere, the station ceased broadcasting at sundown each day. WCAS competed with another AM station across town. The more popular and well-known, WILD. Both were Black-owned stations programming a Soul/R&B format.

Even though the station was small, it was a great opportunity to get involved in music and broadcasting. Inspired by my time working at the station, I applied to attend a small two-year radio program for radio and television broadcasting at Elizabeth Seton College in Yonkers, NY, where I would produce a weekly show on the college’s low-power FM radio station. That was 1986 and the last time I would actually sit in the host chair. My interest shifted from broadcasting to DJing in clubs and bars around Boston. It was a quicker path to making money and that was more important at the time.

It’s been 29-years since I’ve sat in the host chair at a radio station. While radio remains relevant, it it’s been weakened by the transition of terrestrial broadcasting to streaming over the Internet. But, where the Internet is global, radio does a great job at local. And, with most mobile phone companies eliminating unlimited data plans, the cost of streaming over mobile has risen, which helps terrestrial radio maintain a hold on the automobile dashboard.

With great foresight, I saw the shift combine in the early 90s and that inspired the domain this website resides on: I launched Netmix in late ’95 as a streaming Internet mix-show website. Most of the webcasts were pre-recorded and there were not hosts, so it wasn’t necessarily the model for Internet radio, but it was a hybrid with its roots in broadcast as well as the web.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in streaming one way or another.

Fast forward to today and here I am on Currently an Internet-only radio station, the non-profit recently applied for a Low Power FM license to run a 100-watt station. With its broadcast antennae powering the signal from atop the Indigo Hotel in downtown Asheville, will inherit the call letters, WSFM, as well as the extension, LP-FM (for “low power FM). In just a short time, the station will begin add an over-the-air broadcast at 103.3 on the radio dial. Local businesses will be able to sponsor shows and the station will groom and grow a much needed alternative voice and format to serve the Asheville community.

My new show, the Asheville House Music Society, airs every Sunday morning from 12:00 am to 2:00 am EST. I launched the show intending to expose more house music to the Asheville community, which traditionally supports other electronic music genres like Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, as well as more avant-garde electronic sounds.

Each week, we feature new music in a continuous mix format, but the goal is to use the show to focus on and develop Asheville’s House Music scene. I interview local DJ/Producers, artists, promoters, venue owners, and other influencers. The show and playlist are immediately archived on the show page once the live broadcast completes.

In a few short weeks, the show will be simulcast on the web and over the air in Asheville. I’m really excited to have a house music show over the air, dedicated to promoting the culture in the region.

You can also get the Asheville House Music Society on TuneIn Radio here:

You can also catch me offline and off air monthly at The Nightbell, 32 Lexington Avenue, spinning deep and tech house from 10:30 until close.


New Music Spotlight – B.O.T.D. by Mind Funk

mind funk promo

This month I had the pleasure of hearing an up-and-coming DJ duo perform a set at our TEG Annual Retreat and I would like to introduce you to this duo from Los Angeles – Mind Funk. Although they have only been performing together since late 2010, they have already had the opportunity to play at some of the better known venues in the Los Angeles area including Exchange LA, Dim Mak, Playhouse, Vanguard, and Belasco alongside artists like Fedde Le Grand, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Tritonal, Aly and Fila, Christopher Lawrence, and Jaytech.

In just about one month, their latest track, B.O.T.D (Bring On The Drums) already has gotten over 23,000 plays. Hitting dance floors around the world, this Progressive House track incorporates Electro and Big Room sounds. It’s definitely worth a listen, and to boot, can be downloaded for free on their SoundCloud page here.

In my option, Mind Funk stands out from the rest of the crowd of DJ’s and producers because of their uncanny knack to predict the newest trends in the genre that they focus on, and as a result able to bring the newest sounds to the stage and in their tracks. Even more so, their mixing style keeps the dance floor moving and engaged. They are a blast to see live, or listen to on your mp3 player.

I hope you enjoy this new track as much as I do…

S-Man feat. GTO – 2 Close out now on UNDR THE RADR #original and #remixes

Roger Sanchez
Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is an American icon. There, we said it. With a career spanning two decades, Roger was at forefront of the house music revolution in the 80s and early 90s. He has outlasted many though the genre’s transformations into the multiple offshoots we know today. Through it all, his grace, passion, skill, professionalism, and of course his stellar productions, have spanned generations and brought the sound of the New York underground to dance floors around the globe. Where others have come and gone, the S-Man (an alter ego dating back to 1992) has given us both underground rhythms and chart-busting anthems.

His new single, S-Man Feat. GTO – 2 Close brings that unique mix of early 90s rhythm programming, keyboards, bass lines and warm kicks to today’s house music mix. There’s been a return to some of the classic sounds of house as of late, but given Roger’s history of developing the sounds today’s producers are copying, it’s not a stretch at all for him to put out another timeless record that will be on the USB 3.0 sticks to house music DJs around the world. He’s pursuing a deeper, darker tone and texture as S-Man, a moniker he’s bringing back that differentiates this release from his more traditional, more polished songs.

Roger is also embarking on a U.S. tour with a stop in Montreal, after a summer spent assaulting the decks in Ibiza. He’ll be mostly on the East Coast through December with a date in L.A., so catch him where you can.

Here are the dates:

  • 10/4/14 – Club Therapy – Providence, RI
  • 10/4/14 – Boutique – Hartford, CT
  • 10/10/14 – Space NYC – New York, NY
  • 10/13/14 – Sound – Los Angeles, CA (S-Man)
  • 10/24/14 – Bijou – Boston, MA (S-Man)
  • 11/22/14 – Mister East – Linden, NJ
  • 12/12/14 – Maison – Toronto, ON
  • 12/13/14 – Stereo – Montreal, QC

Read an interview with the S-Man on the DJ Mag USA website.

Get S-Man feat. GTO – 2 Close at

We’re also digging the remixes by Leftwing & Kody and Jimpster you can check out below.

Get the 2 Close Remixes at

Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)

A beautiful, emotive and organic track, Flight Facilities works out a gorgeous deep house number with “Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise.” Unique, interesting keys interspersed throughout over what stops a bit short of a conga drum pattern and a rolling, smooth bassline. This song may not pack many dancefloors, but you’ll certainly hear it coming to a hotel lounge near you.

Here’s the official music video with original version below.


Kendra Morris – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

If you know me and either are a friend on Facebook or follow me on the social network, then you’ll know I absolutely love the music of Kendra Morris. I first heard Kendra on NPR while driving home from work one night. Since that time, we’ve become distant buds and I’m following her from afar. Kendra just posted a new music video that was already on YouTube, but Vevo premiered it here. We’ve got the YouTube though (because we hate those nasty Vevo iframes!). Here it is “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), directed by Rudolf Bekker and featuring Godforbid of That Handsome Devil.

If you’re in NYC this weekend, you can catch Kendra with That Handsome Devil performing at Rough Trade in Williamsburg on September 27th at 8 pm. Tickets are $15 and she goes on at 8 pm. Don’t miss it!