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BMW i8 Spyder – The Future Is Closer Than You Think


Sonic Notify Technology Enhances fan2band Interaction During Live Performances

Sonic Notify is a unique new technology, when applied to music performances, can enhance in-venue fan2band interaction. The company created technology that delivers a high frequency tone inaudible to the human ear. An app installed on a users mobile device interprets the signal and unlocks messaging or content delivered at various points throughout the performance.

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Popdust raises $4.5 Million from VCs to fund operations

News from around the web on Popdust's raise of $4.5 Million to fund operations. This new music service that marries musc news with fashion merchandising. It's a lot like I did as VP of Music at StarStyle.com from '05 to '07. Remains to be seen whether they can really drive commerce with music fans.

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