Sonic Notify Technology Enhances fan2band Interaction During Live Performances

Sonic Notify is a unique new technology, when applied to music performances, can enhance in-venue fan2band interaction. The company created technology that delivers a high frequency tone inaudible to the human ear (dogs might not be too happy about this). An app installed on a users mobile device interprets the signal and unlocks messaging or content delivered at various points throughout the performance.

Sonic Notify

According to TechCrunch, which announced Sonic Notify’s recent $4.5M round of VC funding, the signal pushes notifications and multimedia without app actually being launched on the phone. While other companies like Shazam need an app to be launched to identify songs, Sonic Notify works in the background to push notifications to the device.

The company recently forged a partnership with Interscope, a Universal Music Group label, giving artists on that label access to the technology. It has had successful trials at CMJ and in New York City’s Beacon Theater during a performance by Pop boy band, Mindless Behavior.

Here’s how it works:

Sonic Notify

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