UPDATE: David Henney’s Cause Of Death Was Cited As GI Tract Bleeding Attributed To Chronic Alcoholism

UPDATE: A fund has been set up to assist David Henney’s mother with funeral arrangements.

Donations can be made at: http://www.giveforward.com/helpforhenney

From the site:

“Friends of DAVID HENNEY are uniting to raise money to help his mother cover the costs associated with his untimely passing.

Funeral arrangements, traveling costs for her to get to-and-from her home in Denver and his home in Philly, burial and cremation costs can all add up very quickly. Your donations will help David’s mother Beverly manage these costs.

Once expenses are covered, any remaining monies not spent on immediate needs will be forwarded to The Trevor Project (http://www.thetrevorproject.org/) in David’s name to keep the good wishes moving forward.”

Photo of David HenneyAccording to a long-time friend of David Henny, Leslie Doyle, Mr. Henney succumbed to GI tract bleeding attributed to chronic alcoholism. When asked if Netmix could make this information public, Leslie responded: “I think if this information can help someone else seek treatment (for their alcoholism), then that’s a good thing.”

Leslie said the medical examiner informed her, even two or three glasses of wine every night can lead to something like this. Livestrong.com writer, Stephen Christiensen, writes, GI tract bleeding can be caused by “long-term, heavy alcohol use” and that “sets the stage for alcoholic gastritis, a condition characterized by inflammation and erosion of your stomach lining.”

“Stomach bleeding due to alcohol consumption is an ominous sign. On the one hand, it indicates the potential for serious underlying medical problems that must be aggressively investigated and treated. On the other, it serves as valid evidence for alcohol abuse, with its attendant psychological and social issues. Even if you are a recreational or social drinker, alcohol-related gastrointestinal hemorrhage sends the strong signal that you are drinking too much. If you cannot limit your drinking on your own, contact your physician.”

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/533552-about-alcohol-and-stomach-bleeding/#ixzz20oZqQj7z

There will be no memorial service, but a general memorial will be held at Shep Pettibone’s club, Paradise, in Asbury Park, NJ at the end of August. The time and date are to be determined. Orlando Puerta of Citrusonic, will host a West Coast memorial also TBD.

David was most recently running David Henney Productions, while DJing in Asbury Park, Provincetown and Rehoboth.

For more on this story, see the original post here.

Note: We’ve updated this story to say that Mr. Henney’s cause of death was GI tract bleeding “attributed” to chronic alcoholism, instead of saying that it was “caused by” chronic alcoholism.

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