Dance Music Industry Promotion Exec, David Henney Has Died at 50

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  1. Hex Hector says:

    I'm grateful I got to spend some time with David in the booth at Paradise Asbury Park where he held court for many years this past memorial weekend. It was Paradise's 1st big weekend of the 2012 season. About an hour and a half into my set David storms the booth and yells "Welcome To The Gayborhood Hex" From that moment on we laughed our asses off for the next 3 hours! I'm gonna miss my friend dearly! One of the funniest person's I"ve ever known. That's how I'll remember David!

    • djtonyz says:


      Thanks for your warm testament to David's sense of humor and his life as an influential member of the dance music community. He was surely loved very much by a lot of people. It was really sad to have to report on this story.

  2. Bobby Stoner says:

    Already missing you and your cheerful voice on the phone every week.
    It is my great pleasure to have known you.

    Bobby Stoner

  3. Ralph Cummings says:

    I've been so fortunate to have been bartending while you were playing in the both for years. Thank you David, I enjoyed evry moment. My deepest sympathy to the Henney family and all David's friends.

  4. Peter Knego says:

    Thanks for this nice tribute to David, Tony! I know this is only a portion of his story but it shows the magnitude of his effect on the dance music industry. He was one-of-a-kind and loved by so many.

  5. skoot golightly says:

    In early mornings (late afternoons hah) after his gigs we would grab coffee and watch I love lucy on his labtop. Ill never stop hearing his laugh ringing around me. It was contagious

  6. Randy Schläger says:

    I am deeply saddened by this news and the loss of such a unique personality in our business. I have many fond memories of David from past music conferences and the years of great music David was so fortunate to be a part of.
    Cool, casual, easy going, hilarious, one of a kind.

  7. Whey says:

    I am just finding out about my dear friend David Henney's passing. I have a history with him going all the way back to the legendary "KURTS" in PHILLY and no matter how long it'd be between phone calls, we'd always pick right back up where we left off.
    I started reaching out to him in the past month to discuss a new project I wanted to hire him for and found out the sad news tonight.
    The indusrty lost a giant RIP my friend.
    Whey Cooler/Jade Starling

    • djtonyz says:

      Hey, Whey. Sorry to break the news to you on a blog post. Yes, the industry did lose a strong personality and legendary promoter of quality house/dance music. Please send my best to Jade. I see all her stuff on my Facebook.

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