Blog Chatter Can Triple Future Sales Of Music Albums

NYU Stern PhotoAccording to a recently published research paper, “Does Chatter Matter,” NYU Stern Professor Vasan Dhar along with his former student Elaine Chang, discovered there is a direct correlation between the number of blog posts on the Web and subsequent sales of albums being discussed. In a sampling of 108 album releases from January and February of 2007, Dhar and Chang found sales were three times the average if “legitimate blog posts reached a threshold of 40.”

The study also reports major label album sales “increased five-fold” if they got some love from the blogosphere. If postings exceeded 250 then sales reached up to 6 times the average “regardless of an association with a major or independent label.”

They also reported that MySpace had an impact on sales as well. Artists with extensive friends lists saw an increase, but the direct effect was less than the results from blog postings.


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