On April 24th, I’ll be DJing a Frankie Knuckles Tribute Party, which coincides with both MOOGFEST and Dining Out For Life here in Asheville, NC. The FK Tribute will be in Scandals Nightclub (11 Grove Street) from 11 pm to 3 am during the Dining Out For Life After Party. The party is FREE, so come on out and celebrate the life and legacy of Frankie Knuckles, while also contributing to a good cause – the Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP).

Let us know you’re coming to support here.

Frankie Knuckles Tribute Party Asheville April 24 2014


frankie-knuckles-03Since Frankie Knuckles’ untimely passing this week, there have been many Internet messages and tributes to Frankie Knuckles in words and images, but it’s important to hear the music of the man who created the genre we know as house music. Here are three Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mixes. The first is from America’s number 1 mix-show DJ, Riddler (@djriddler) for 103.5 WKTU.


 This mix is by Frankie’s long time friend and production partner, DJ/producer David Morales. Both Frankie and David have been part of the Def Mix production and management company helmed by Judy Weinstein.

This mix is from DJ/producer, Dmitri from Paris.


Frankie Knuckles

by Tony Zeoli on April 4, 2014 · 2 comments

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I put together this Storify post of various social media hits and remixes to celebrate the life and times of the legendary house music DJ/producer, Frankie Knuckles, who will always be known as the Godfather of House.




Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 13 Graphic

This Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 14 was mixed by DJ Tony Z forNetmix.com. In this session you’ll find remixes from MK on Wankelmut’s “My Head Is A Jungle” and a Full Intention Remix of the Inner City classic, “Big Fun.” We also loved the Dusky track, “Careless” and the MR. TAFFA record is a reworking of “People Hold On,” the classic house track from Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield.

Stream this mix at MixCloud.com.

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Track Listing

  • Terri Walker, S.Chu - Closure feat. Terri Walker (Original Mix)
  • MK, Wankelmut, Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix)
  • Pleasurekraft, Josh Butler, Bontan - Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix, Pleasurekraft Edit)
  • Dusky - Careless (Original mix)
  • Jazzanova, Ben Westbeech, Konstantin Sibold - I Can See (Konstantin Sibold Remix)
  • Detroit Swindle - Unfinished Business (Original Mix)
  • Romanthony - Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Deep Mix)
  • Cropper - Forever (Original Mix)
  • Olivier Giacomotto, J Diesel - Outside-In-A-Box-Olivier-Giacomotto-Remix
  • Inner City - Big Fun (Full Intention 88 Remix)
  • MR TAFFA, I.L.M - Everybody Hold On
  • Andrea Oliva & Dj Le Roi - Passion (Original Mix)



Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast Episode 13 Flyer

This 60-minute mix is inspired by my Deep Moments In My Melodic Soul playlist on8tracks.com, here: http://8tracks.com/djtonyz/deep-momen…. The next edition in the Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast series, this is Episode 13 mixed by DJ Tony Z using Ableton Live 8 and tracks selected from Beatport.com. Always check out Netmix.com!

You can also stream this mix on Mixcloud.com.

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Track Listing

  • Tube & Berger – Imprint Of Pleasure (Original Mix)
  • Dusky - Nobody Else (original mix)
  • Dusky - What I Never Knew (Original Mix)
  • Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive (Lee Foss, MK Mix)
  • Sambu, Simeone - Canto – Original Mix
  • Konstantin Sibold - Madeleine (Original Mix)
  • Justin Martin - Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)
  • Lars Vegas - The Game (Original Mix)
  • Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby ( Dusky Mix )



YouTube Preview Image

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is back, and this time he’s not playing games. He’s going straight for the jugular on race, dropping lines that reflect on basketball star, Lebron James’ game jersey being burned by fans in Cleveland after James decided to play for the Miami Heat. How he’s been particularly judged by the media due to his relationship with Kim Kardashian, a white woman. Saying that even thought he’s attained this status, he still has to be careful of who he brings home with the media laying in wait at his doorstep to turn around a news story that will tell the world who he’s seen with.

His lyrics also contain references about how corporate America can’t control him or what he does, despite the money and the contracts thrown at him. He’s just going to continue running at warp speed and making his way in the life the only way he knows how. There’s no turning back. You’re either going to watch him or you’re not, but if you do, then get ready because he’s not going to play by the rules as they are set by others – specifically corporations, white society and media.

Without question, it’s arguably one of the most powerful songs in Hip-Hop today. It’s a game changer in terms of style. substance, beats and instrumentation. Whatever happens, this track is going to be hard to follow. I’m not going to say it’s equivalent to the legendary Public Enemy track, Fight The Power, chiefly because Kanye is talking about himself and his view of how the world treats him, while Chuck D. is looking at it from a “we” and not “me” perspective.

In Kanye’s world view, it’s always all about him – what they’re saying about him, how they are trying to bring him down and how he is going to still be standing. While his argument is absolutely valid and real, his continued focus on himself as the catalyst for others to hate him because of his skin color and what he does plays into an ego that, while touching on the issues of others, always comes back to what is being done to him and how he is living and dealing with that everyday. The question, is it unfair? Many times, absolutely. But if you’re an artist and you live in the spotlight, you’re certainly asking for attention and you must live in the glare of the spotlight that feeds the beast – the media. With it comes all the trappings of wealth, fame and success, but it also comes with media scrutiny and public reactions to moments when what you do is not perceived a unacceptable, regardless of who you are, what you do or the color of your skin. Like the time when Kanye decided to interject himself into the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards presentation for Best Video by taking over the mic during the presentation to the winner, Taylor Swift, and announcing that Beyonce should have won for her video, “Single Ladies.”

If you’re Kanye, is it always because you’re black in an unfair world? Or, is simply because you’re Kanye and the ego that drives your talent is so outsized, you only can see things the way you perceive them to be? It’s definitely a little of both, but if you listen to this new track, the perception is that Kanye will always be himself and others will judge as they do, but he’s keeping it moving in the only direction he knows how and whatever they do or say, they can’t stop him. As a black man in America, he makes a strong case, but he never wants to be judged for what mistakes he makes in the process, which is unfortunate. Because everyone, at one time or another, has to step back and take a look at their actions and ask themselves, am I doing the right thing, regardless of the color of my skin?

Anyway, it’s worth a listen. It really is that good. In Kanye’s world, his perceptions are real for him and that’s all that matters. It takes an artist of incredible strength to be able to light up the mic with as tough as these lyrics are to digest. It’s a portrait of our society – one that is as real, brutal and honest as an artist can get. Hard to digest for most for sure, but give it to Kanye for saying what needs to be said.

UPDATE: After listening to this track again, let me restate my position on the “we” vs “me” comment I made in this post. Maybe I missed something and it took the lyrical scientists over at Rap Genius to school me.

In this verse, Kanye shines the spotlight on kids in urban communities, especially Chicago, where Kanye is from, acting like “goons.”

Stop all that goon shit
Early morning cartoon shit
This is goon shit
Fuck up your whole afternoon shit

It’s a reflection on how kids are joining gangs and trying to be tough by killing each other in the streets of Chicago. It’s a call to all those listening that their way of life is, in fact, cartoonish and silly.

In another new track also peformed on SNL called, New Slave, Kanye raps about some black Americans buying into the culture of spending on luxury goods. Despite the success of black American’s in Hip-Hop and the trappings of wealth and acclaim it has brought them, in Kanye’s view, it’s still subservient to buy into the consumer culture, because black Americans who have attained wealth continue to enrich those who are in power by buying these luxury goods. That, no matter how you slice it, slavery still exists – but, it’s now mental slavery that he equates to profit taking from the purchase of luxury goods by the black community that continues to enslave the community, in place of the physical slavery experienced by those who came before them. It’s a powerful, raw and controversial statement, because its some in Hip-Hop that perpetuate the idea that if you make money, you should spend it on bling and display your wealth. That begets the question, if you are critical of that culture, then why buy an $11M mansion in Beverly Hills? It’s a hard question to answer, that’s for sure. One one hand, don’t be part of the machine, but on the other, live within the machine. It all depends on whether it’s on your own terms. There’s a level of hypocrisy in the statement that undercuts the message, but the message is important nonetheless.


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What is the single most important feature of any music website?

C’mon, don’t let us stump you that easily. Still thinking?

Okay, let us help. It’s the audio player, of course!

If you’ve got a hot music site, then you’ve got to have a functioning audio player, so your audience can play back music featured on your website or in your mobile web application (notice I said mobile web application, not mobile application). When serving up those audio tracks, nothing is more frustrating than having a song interrupted while navigating between pages of a website. That means you can’t just deploy any audio player, you’ve got to deploy something with persistence across all site pages, allowing a consistent listening experience while surfing with no obvious break in the action.

Wait, did we say that a user can navigate between pages while the audio player remains persistent and it doesn’t disrupt the audio stream? Yes! That’s what we said. After many years of ugly pop-up players or Flash-enabled players in Flash .swf wrappers that kill your site’s SEO, it is finally possible. Lots of sites are now deploying them. Some are even creating themes for WordPress with enhanced audio player experiences, so you get all that for free or a very low cost compared to custom development. The Stylico-DJ-Template features a persistent HTML5 player in the left sidebar.

Before we get into the how and why of persistent audio players, here are a few more examples of sites employing these players successfully.

8tracks.com (http://www.8tracks.com)

The best site for hand-crafted Internet radio, where user-generated playlists are all the rage, 8tracks.com recently converted to a persist audio player experience. This advancement will allow listeners to enjoy uninterrupted audio while navigating the site and following their favorite “DJs.” It will surely increase engagement with 8tracks and subsequently, listening hours. check out the player in the screen shot below. It’s at the bottom of the page. (In the interest of full disclosure, the author of this post is an adviser to 8tracks.com and holds shares in the company.)

8tracks.com Audio Player Example Screen Shot

Beatport.com ( http://www.beatport.com)

One of the earliest and best implementations of a persistent audio player, Beatport first innovated with a full, all-Flash experience. Advances in HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery saw Beatport convert their entire experience into an SEO friendly website. This was smart for two reasons. First, it improved search engine optimization of the Beatport site. Flash is notoriously difficult for search engines to crawl, so converting the experience into HTML would helps Google, Bing and other search engines efficiently crawl the site.

Second, was to enable their audio player to work on Apple iPhones. When Apple decided not to support Adobe’s Flash Player plugin, Beatport customers could not play music from the existing Flash site on an iPhone or iPad. This forced Beatport to quickly innovate and come up with a solution for the mobile web, which you can from the screenshot posted see below.

Beatport Home Page Screenshot as of 1/1/13

Play any track on the Beatport home page and the track is added to a playlist found by the drop down arrow to the right of the bright green “add to cart” button in the header. You can jump back and forth and pause/play your track selections and there is a visual representation of the track with a cursor in the timeline that helps you know where you are. Then try and navigate between pages and you’ll see that the player consistently remains fixed and the audio continues to play.

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Notice how similar this experience is to iTunes, which has always had a playback experience in their downloadable software, giving the site visitor the ability to play a track and navigate throughout the store or their library, as shown below.

Screenshot of iTunes as of 1/13/13

Finding a way for users to listen to music uninterrupted while surfing the site is one of Beatport’s competitive advantages over its rivals, many of whom continue to deploy pop-over players, which are problematic for a number of reasons. As you can see in the screenshot of the DJDownload website below, the pop-over player gets in the way. It pops up and over the left side of the page, making it very difficult for the user to navigate the site. Since the pop-up player is in its own browser window, just clicking on the main page will bring the main page forward and layer the player behind it, making it that much more difficult to use. Today, an audio player should always be persistent 0n your site. The technology is available, you just have to find the right developers to make it happen.

Screenshot of DJDownload.com and its accompanying audio player

Pandora (http://www.pandora.com)

Another successful deployment of the persistent audio player is on the Pandora website. Pandora is one of the most popular streaming radio services on the Internet. The implementation is also HTML5/CSS3 with jQuery and AJAX, two methods to trigger playback and load new page information in the browser, without stopping the audio. Whether you change your preferred radio station or click into your user profile, the audio player stays constant.

Pandora Audio Player Screenshot

Reverb Nation (http://www.reverbnation.com)

The grandaddy of artist networks and indie music discovery, Reverb Nation recently converted their site and player experience as well. The difference here is the player is on the bottom of the page instead of the top. It’s a different take and we’re wondering what user testing uncovered when they were planning this feature. Does it matter whether the player is fixed to the bottom or the top? Is there an increase of decrease in usage based on location on the page? We’d love to get some feedback on this. Please leave us a comment with your thoughts on the placement of a persistent player experience. Which is better  for the user experience: the bottom or the top of the page?

Reverb Nation Audio Player

MySpace (http://myspace.com)

The new MySpace has launched and its got a new player experience as well. As you can see, all the titles we’ve listened to are in a left/right scrollable slider. The player sits at the bottom of the page, which is similar to Reverb Nation. All pages load with AJAX, keeping the player persistent.

new.MySpace page with audio player experience as of 1/13/13Here is a view of the new.myspace.com media library. Click on any track it will play in the player at the bottom of the page. Playlists can be created and shared with other new.myspace.com members. Of course, there is no Facebook or Twitter integration, which is understandable given the competitive landscape, but that is going to make it much harder for MySpace to gain social traction. You cannot cross-post from MySpace to Facebook or Twitter and vice versa, so MySpace is going to have to decide if they want to go down that road. But, we’re getting off track! Back to the player discussion.

Screenshot of the new.myspace.com music library

A Brief Jog Through Our Experience With Audio Players over the past 17+ years

While persistent audio players have long been available in a downloadable client for the desktop (iTunes) or baked into an Adobe Flash experience, it’s only in the last few years you’re seeing them included on web sites as a persistent web app. And, like all audio players that came before it, it’s not all that easy to implement. I mean, it’s not necessarily plug-n-play type thing. You’ve got some work to do to implement them correctly. We”ll get to that, but let’s first start with a little history.

When we first started out in this business, the most widely accepted method for streaming audio was to purchase a streaming server from Real Networks or lease space on a server from a hosting company who invested in the technology. Using Real’s server technology, you could broadcast at 14.4kbps, which is a fraction of today’s 10mbps download speeds.

Early audio players were rudimentary. They were only meant as a utility to stream audio and not much else. The first image below is the Real Player 2.0, which was released in 1996. Netmix actually used this player to stream our first DJ mixes when we launched in 1996.

Image of Real Player 2.0 (1996)

Here is a view of the latest version of Real Player 16, which has a persistent player experience. The software also acts as a media library along with other advanced features. As you can see, Real Player has advanced considerably over 17+ years.

Real Player 16 Image

Before bandwidth got cheap, Real Networks would power audio on the web for the better part of a decade before being rendered obsolete by HTTP, UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and RTSP (RealTime Streaming Protocol).  At the time, Microsoft would compete with Real Networks, rolling out a competitor to Real Audio and calling it, Windows Media. Here’s the original Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Classic VB6 image


The latest version is Windows Media 11.

Image of Windows Media Player 11

Not to be left behind, Apple joined the party with its QuickTime streaming technology. All were required to employ a dedicated streaming server to deliver packets of data to their respective desktop clients that had to be downloaded and installed  on the end user’s machine. Proprietary and expensive (although all companies offered a version of free for a limited number of consecutive connections), these products became the darlings of corporations who needed a way to stream webcasts for corporate announcements, online trainings and webinars, while also keeping their content secure.

The the big three controlled streaming audio throughout the 90′s until the MP3 format disrupted the status quo. In the meantime, Adobe would work audio player functionality into it’s Flash SDK (software development kit), which provided a way to create immersive, interactive audio player experiences.  The vector-based tools in Flash gave designers and developers creative license to employ unique and highly stylized players that could be persistent across an entire site.

Even though Real Networks developed a proprietary markup language, SMIL, to embed web pages and other multimedia into the Real Player, Flash really took off as the best way to implement audio in a web experience. With Flash, anyone could surf a Flash-enabled website pages while listening to a continuous audio stream that would not stop abruptly when navigating between pages.

The dewplayer is a good example of how designers and developers used Flash to create sophisticated and lightweight audio players. The player has various options, from Mini to one called Playlist, which displays a list of files to play. The player at the bottom of the list below shows an emulated black vinyl record, which actually emerges from behind the white box each time a new song is played.

Screen shot of Dew Audio Player options

To get an idea of how complex Real Audio technology was for developers to deploy, take a look at this Real Networks Production Guide published in 2002, we found on a still functioning service site. And, here is a tutorial on how to create a Flash Audio Player using Flash MX.

We noted that Beatport once employed a Flash solution. The entire site was loaded in the browser via a .swf file, which encompasses all the code and graphics needed to display the site and make it interactive. While Flash is still in use today, HTML5 and jQuery can give you similar functionality on a standard web page, without having to load a proprietary file to run a complete web site. One can image how expensive it is to constantly update multiple .swf files that may run a very large web site. Despite the cost, some still prefer to build all-Flash experiences, but they sacrifice search engine optimization best practices in the process.

A disgruntled user posted his dismay over Beatport’s migration from Flash to HTML5. Why do away with Flash? Google is the dominant search engine. Its crawlers – the bots that scour all websites to index them for content and relevancy – could’t penetrate the Flash .swf wrapper to index text within the Flash experience. Sure, there are workarounds to point a browser to scan files that would import text into Flash, but doing so was highly problematic when you could really just build a full HTML5 experience and not have to struggle with search engine optimization for Flash. Ultimately, it’s also cheaper to build an HTML5 experience than hire $175-an-hour Flash developers. Some would say that Flash technology has outlived its usefulness for complete end-to-end web sites.

We’re at the point where the power of Google’s search and its crawler requirements have reduced the necessity of immersive Flash experiences. With Flash’s hold on the media industry reduced, which technology will now provide a similar audio player experience? Now, there is javaScript, which has evolved to offer a solution. Using HTTP, UDP or RTSP, anyone can employ a javaScript player by embedding it on their website and streaming audio from a web server the listener. It’s now possible, because telecom and cable companies have improved the speed and efficiency of bandwidth to deliver rich media to the user’s desktop or mobile device at a faster rate and more reliably than ever before. In addition, a technology called Really Simple Syndication, which is known in web circles as RSS, allow a listener to subscribe to podcasts that deliver downloads of episodic content to a laptop, desktop or mobile phone. All of the aforementioned advances make downloading, transporting and sharing audio across devices easier.

There was a time when Yahoo was focused on creating open source products. During that period, one of their development groups created an immersive javaScript audio player, the Yahoo! Web Player, which could also be installed as a plugin for WordPress. In the screenshot below, you can see that once installed, the player is loaded by a click action on the page. The version in the image below is the full video experience.

Screenshot of Yahoo! Web Player

While the trial site did have a link to the audio only view, we discovered that by clicking on the link for the audio only experience, both Chrome and Safari for Mac returned the audio file in their HTML5 browser based audio players, as shown below.

Safari Audio Player screenshotIn the context of this post, it’s important to address this issue, because many of those who are new to development and working with audio on the web may not know that audio links must start using the new HTML5 download attribute, which is appended inside the link tag like this:

<a href="http://www.google.com/.../logo2w.png" download="MyGoogleLogo">download me</a>

Open Source content management systems, including WordPress, are inadvertently driving persistent audio player experiences. Free to download and install, these content management systems are extremely popular with DJs, bands and labels. Anyone with a hosting account can quickly set up a blog and within minutes publish a podcast or embed player widgets from services like Reverb Nation, Soundcloud or 8tracks into their sites pages. When it comes to a persistent experience, we’re just starting to see WordPress themes that utilize jQuery and AJAX to deliver the persistent player music fans are increasingly exposed to from the sites we mentioned earlier in this post. If you’re a DJ, artist, band or label, there will be a point in time your users will expect to be able to navigate your site or mobile pages, while listening to audio uninterrupted.

We’re anticipating your next question, which is probably, “show me some examples of WordPress themes that have persistent audio players?” Ha! We thought you’d never ask. We mentioned Stylico-DJ-Template, which is available for $18 at Themeforest, a theme and plugin marketplace. The theme uses history,js, which:

…gracefully supports the HTML5 History/State APIs (pushState, replaceState, onPopState) in all browsers. Including continued support for data, titles, replaceState. Supports jQuery, MooTools and Prototype. For HTML5 browsers this means that you can modify the URL directly, without needing to use hashes anymore. For HTML4 browsers it will revert back to using the old onhashchange functionality.

Stylico WordPress Template Screen shot at Themeforest

 Another example of a WordPress theme using history.js to create a consistent player experience is the predominantly dubstep and mash-up site, sosimpull.com. Notice the player is fixed at the top left. You can navigate between each tab in the playlist and the audio will continue to play.

Screen Shot of SoSimpull.com

How do you build persistent audio players?

After a little bit of research, I came up with a list of links that I’m going to pass to you, which should help you get started in building out your persistent audio player experience.

If you need a little help trying to get AJAX into your theme, here are a few links that may help you out.

Lastly, SEO is very important to this endeavor. If you’re going to AJAX your site’s pages, you’re going to want to do some “deep linking” to content.

For developers, this slide deck might be useful. The author is Ronald Huereca, who presented these slides at WordPress Philadelphia in 2010.

Embedly Powered


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Social Music WorkerAfter a quick run through of CraigsList, LinkedIn Jobs, Startuply, Digital Media Wire, Digital Music News, Paid Content and Mashable, we’ve come up with 10 pretty cool social music career opportunities that span the country and touch upon various roles, including Product, Programming, Community, Biz Dev and even an internship. No hot jobs list is complete without at least one internship, right?

1. Brand Partnerships – New Business Account Manager at MixCloud

Ever since SoundCloud started putting the squash on DJ mixes with Audible Magic’s digital fingerprinting technology, MixCloud has experience explosive growth. We’ve noticed many top DJs have immediately migrated to the service and are joyfully posting their online mix sets without having to deal with frustrating take-down notifications.

The job is based in London, where it seems all these new digital music ideas emanate from that don’t need to adhere to the restriction of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but then have to pivot and get serious once they cross the pond. It’s happened to Last.fm and now SoundCloud. Because MixCloud is “interactive,” on this side of the pond, they’d surely have to clear a mechanical for every track.

Job Description:

  • The focus of this role is to develop new business for Mixcloud from leading brands and agencies.
  • There will also be some day to day account management of key accounts.
  • Managing contact databases, target lists and the sales funnel.
  • Some ad trafficking in DFP.
  • The role may also require some more general business development, since we are a small team and we require flexibility and a willingness to pitch in with everything.

Here’s the full link to the posting: http://www.mixcloud.com/jobs/

Make sure you email your LinkedIn resume to [email protected]. Don’t send a CV (that’s resume to us North Americans) as an attachment.

2. Product Manager at Reverb Nation

This established artist network is “home to over 2.67 Million Musicians, Labels, Venues and Industry Professionals.” RN is the grand-daddy of artist platforms, but now has its work cut out for it with new offerings from BandCamp, Official.fm, and MySpace jumping back into the fray. The company is located in the warehouse district in Durham, NC. We’ve been to their offices twice just to say hello. It’s a cool space with lot’s of fun people and a great vibe. There’s a Whole Foods just up the street, lot’s of organic fare in the neighborhood restaurants and a few watering holes for after-work Happy Hour. You’re also a hop, skip and jump from the American Tobacco campus, home to the Full Frame Film Festival and the Durham underground start-up community, located in the basement of this massive, renovated tobacco factory.

Job Description:

  • Manage/develop new products and maintain existing products
  • Conduct day-to-day status updates with our product team and development team
  • Report on product performance to senior staff
  • Define and manage KPIs for all aspects of your product
  • Collaborate with other designers and product managers to come up with visual designs that solve problems
  • Oversee QA of all products and services that are released to the site
  • Coordinate integration projects with external partners
  • Research competitors and best practices
  • Crank out work (headphones) as well as communicate with others (meetings)

You’ve gotta have 5-years of experience in product development on music platforms and an expert knowledge of OmniGraffle (ha, sounds like me!) in order to be considered.

You’ll want to head over to this link: http://reverbnation.theresumator.com/apply/G96Jaj/Product-Manager.html to submit your resume or LinkedIn profile.

3. Director of Business & Legal Affairs at MySpace

You’re probably asking, “MySpace…really?” Yes, MySpace. With a hot new advanced, mobile-ready look and under the direction of new owners who aren’t global news barons, there are certainly opportunities for MySpace to grow in 2013, but they will have their challenges. There’s no clear path to revenue in the user interface, artists can’t sell their music direct to fan through the site (unlike their competitors), and there’s no sharing into Twitter or Facebook, which makes the site ultimately reliant on itself and word-of-mouth marketing. It remains to be seen if MySpace can carve out a niche for itself, but with a strong Director of Business & Legal Affairs, maybe there’s a growth opportunity with the right mix of compensation and equity.

Job Description:

  • MySpace Music is recruiting for a Director of Business & Legal Affairs, based in its Beverly Hills, CA office.  The Director will be a key member of the team responsible for the licensing of music content from major and independent record companies and aggregators, music publishers and performing rights organizations, for the company’s digital music service, both domestically and internationally.
  • The position reports to MySpace Music’s Senior Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs.  Among other things, the ideal candidate will have a proven track record in music licensing from working within the music business and a firm understanding of the digital media space.

What you’ll do all day:

  • Provide full-service business & legal affairs support for MySpace Music’s domestic and international operations.   Represent, advise and liaise with internal clients, including business intelligence & analytics/reporting, marketing, finance, operations, technical/engineering and sales departments.
  • Negotiate and draft a variety of music-related contracts including sound recording, musical composition and public performance licenses, label exclusivity waivers, artist “live” performance/talent agreements, venue agreements, “live stream” production and sponsorship agreements, master recording and musical composition synchronization licenses, original web series production agreements and technical infrastructure agreements, among others.
  • Analyze copyright laws and contracts and prepare memoranda which advise and make recommendations to Myspace and MySpace Music management.  Provide advice on deal structures, business strategies and statutory and contractual compliance.
  • Collaborate with Myspace and Specific Media in-house attorneys.  Liaise with and manage external counsels’ performance of assignments (including conduct of litigation), advice, costs and response times.
  • Identify, assess and inform management of legal and commercial risks / benefits.  Recommend constructive solutions.

Go to LinkedIn to apply for this job. It’s HOT. Over 50 interested job seekers have clicked through to view the posting: http://linkd.in/UHiYdj

4. Community Manager at Shaker

We have no clue who or what Shaker is, but they’ve posted a job on Startuply.com for Community Manager. We tried to Google Shaker to no avail. Heck, maybe you know what Shaker is and will post a comment here, because we sure as heck have no idea. If you feel so inclined as to take a shot in the dark, Shaker needs someone to help them out. Here are the details…

Job Description:

  • The online community manager will help with crafting and implementing the company’s online community strategy, managing engagement and interactivity with its audience, and fostering community spirit. This role coordinates with the internal graphic and marketing teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a strong community around the brand.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Content creation – writing blog posts, newsletter, communications materials and material for social media channels
  • Social media marketing – Creating managing and growing the company’s presence
  • Customer relations – answering questions however they come and managing any online feedback forums
  • Analytics – Using Facebook Analytics and other measurement tools to provide reports on metrics
  • Experience working at a tech or media organization with proven success in growing a user base — be it from the community and/or marketing angle.
  • Incredible grasp of grammar, written style, and an innate sense for high-quality content.

You’ll need to take a walk on over to Startuply.com to apply: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Community_Manager_6506_1.aspx

UPDATE: Ah, ha! We now know who Shaker is! They make a Facebook app that is a virtual community; “Chat with your friends, meet like minded people, listen to music you love, and even host your own events to get your people together!” I was wondering where I’d heard about them before, but totally forgot. Thanks to Chuck Fishman at Official.fm for reminding us!

5. Music Content & Partner Relations (US / Urban) at SoundCloud

This gig was posted to Startuply on December 17th, but it’s not listed on the SoundCloud Jobs section itself. We checked here and it’s nowhere to be found. But don’t let that stop you. Maybe those cats took a long break for Christmas and forgot to post it to the main site. Or, maybe they didn’t. Could it be another shot in the dark? Maybe, but maybe not.

If you got legs in the Hip Hop community, this gig is for you. It’s all about networking and getting Hip Hop and Rap artists into the platform. Funny that given the popularity of EDM on SoundCloud, the company might struggle with this and need someone to actually work on it all day. Now’s your chance to bring the funk and the noise! Here’s what they’re looking for…

Job Description:

  • SoundCloud is looking for someone with the passion, organization, and rolodex to establish SoundCloud as the most legit way to share sounds in the global urban and hip hop scene.  Do you have the charisma and motivation to hustle in folks whose single tweets make more than you will in your lifetime? Are you able to captivate artists, their managers, labels, booking agents, and the folks organizing the events where all these playaz hang? If this sounds like you, then we’d love to have you build, own and manage the process of getting more Hip Hop / Urban up on our platform.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Engage with top urban labels. Set up account, first upload, add dropbox, highlight features etc.
  • Engage with top mainstream and underground urban artists.
  • Reach out to key editorial sites & PR companies within urban and indie community.
  • Organize contest/groups with partners.
  • Evangelize urban content within the SoundCloud community and through existing communication channels.
  • Reporting: weekly content summary and monthly metric updates.
  • Logging key contacts within Highrise and maintaining relevant master lists.
  • Representing at relevant events and establishing a network.
  • Relationship management and development.
  • Giving demos, advising on best practice and creating supporting documentation.
  • Posting relevant information on SoundCloud’s social media channels.

This is another job that you’ll need to apply for through Startuply.com. Get more details on the required skills and apply here: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Music_Content_amp_Partner_Relations_US_Urban__4293_3.aspx

6. Content & Community Intern at Mixify

It wouldn’t be a proper social music jobs post without at least one internship listing, now would it? The race is on to become King of EDM, while the genre is at its hottest level in the last 20-years. If you’re in NYC and you live with your head stuck in a bass bin with the thump, thump, thump, thump of the beat drilling through your head until closing at 4 am, this job may be for you.

Job Description:

  • If you love EDM, DJ festivals, and tech startups, you should apply to be an Intern at Mixify!  Mixify (http://mixify.com) is a never-ending online music festival where fans can attend events with your favorite DJs, get their tracks, and make your own mixes.  Based in NYC, we’re looking for a college undergrad who lives and breathes Electronic Dance Music to assist with our social media and promotional efforts. For this role, you need a solid understanding of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud), WordPress, and the EDM landscape. Beyond that, you’ll need to have strong written and verbal communication skills. In this role, you will learn social media & content strategy, gain vast experience in the EDM market, and handle an array of day-to-day odd-jobs that pop up. It’s startup life so every day will be different.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Assist Mixify’s Community Manager in executing social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud)
  • Monitor and respond to customer service inquiries
  • Write blog posts on new site features, events, and more
  • Support Mixify’s marketing efforts
  • Test new features before public rollout to ensure quality
  • Use the product on a regular basis and provide feedback
  • Admin tasks and Odd-jobs
  • Listen to EDM music daily
  • Gain valuable startup experience and have the opportunity to make an impact

One of the requirements is to not be “boring,” which is surely optimistic for those of you who can’t sit still when hooping to the latest Skrillex release. For more details and to apply, check the link here: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Mixify_Content_amp_Community_Intern_1390_18.aspx

7. iOS Architect at Stereotypes.fm

Is there social music in Austin, Texas? Yes! Music is everywhere and it seems social music start-ups are everywhere too! Why shouldn’t there be a social music start-up in Austin, the home of South x Southwest (SXSW). You’ve got music, colleges and lots of start-up folks migrating to the area.

We found this gig at Stereotypes.fm on the Austin CraigsList page. Just when you thought CraigsList was drying up for real job ops, we uncovered this little gem.

Job Description:

  • Stereotypes (stereotypes.fm) is a new social music startup, and we’re hiring music-loving iOS developers. We are looking for experienced iOS application engineers to complete a 3-person Engineering Team and help define, architect and build the first Stereotypes iOS app. We’re looking for smart, organized, delivery-minded engineers who love working with others to build cool stuff. Passion for social products, music products and hacking are a must. We’re a New York startup with two technical cofounders (ex-Shazam, ex-Google) who’ve relocated to Austin for 3 months. You would join the team for a 3-month contract (now through Mar 31) to help evolve Stereotypes before a launch at SXSW in mid-March. If things work out well, there’s an opportunity to continue on with us in New York/remotely afterwards.

They seem to be looking for “an expert in (and have dreams about):”

  • iOS application architecture and design
  • application performance
  • writing and shipping quality, testable code
  • working with external APIs
  • launching apps through the App Store
  • delighting users

You can visit the the CraigsList post for more detail if you like, here: http://austin.craigslist.org/sof/3516661469.html, Or, you can email them at [email protected].

8. Senior Product Manager at Mspot

Let’s jump from Austin over to San Francisco, where there’s a position with Samsung’s Mspot music service. Backed by a major corporation, this could be a long term gig with a company that are rivaling Apple in the smartphone market. It’s all mobile, all the time.

Job Description:

  • mSpot is music. We’re a rapidly growing and vibrant company driven by a vision to deliver the ultimate mobile entertainment to our customers ANYWHERE. We’re responsible for the innovative online cloud service where people can store music and movies and access them whenever they want, and we are revolutionizing the viewing and listening experience. We already have a global music catalog with over 19 million titles. If you haven’t heard of us yet, you’re about to! We are looking to add creative, passionate product managers to our team. If you’re a self-starter with an appetite for lots of responsibility and challenges, we want to hear from you. Having experience in software development, wireless telecommunications, or internet media products is a plus.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Guide development of revolutionary desktop and mobile products from concept to growing business
  • Champion end user and customer needs when defining market and feature requirements
  • Work with cross-functional teams and manage schedules and timelines
  • Provide strategic and marketing leadership to grow the business you own
  • Build strong working relationships with external partners
  • Present to Executives and partners on both technical and business issues
  • Represent the company at conferences and trade shows

We especially liked the conferences and trade shows mention, because it shows the company is willing to support the product and put their top people in front of a crowd to network and build the business.

To apply for this gig, you’ll want to visit the CraigsList post here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/bus/3507242610.html. There you’ll find a link to the online application.

9. Social Media Coordinator at Popdust

We surfed our way back to the East Coast via Mashable for this cool gig at Popdust. Headed up by Co-founder of XM Satellite Radio, Hugh Panera and an editorial focus shaped by former Billboard, Blender and Spin Magazine editor, Craig Marks, Popdust is off to a hot start.

The company isn’t shy about touting its core competency: “Popdust super-serves fans with a vibrant, irreverent, 24/7 mix of news, opinion, interviews, reviews, music premieres, and original video and content features on today’s biggest and brightest pop, hip-hop, R&B and country stars.”

The Social Media Coordinator position at Popdust would certainly be high profile. Get to your network to get into this company, because the resumes are going to be piling up in the Popdust inbox. Probably a gig best networked into.

Job Description:

  • Leading pop music media company Popdust is looking for a Social Media Coordinator to continue growing and improving our social media presences and interactions. Were lucky to have built a base of readers who Follow and Like us. Now, were looking for a social media manager to help us continue our momentum, engage & motivate our readers, socialize our content, and develop new ideas to help make Popdust the internets most comprehensive pop music experience.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Manage Popdusts social presences across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and others
  • Spark conversation and interaction with readers around Popdusts editorial content and pop music news cycle
  • Develop and execute innovative ideas and promotions for engaging existing readers and extending our social reach
  • Contribute ideas for editorial content designed to be widely shared
  • Collaborate with editorial team and manage editorial calendar
  • Analyze and insightfully report on social traffic data and trends
  • Track community growth, performance and participation

To learn more about this gig and apply, just hit this link on Mashable.com: http://jobs.mashable.com/a/jbb/job-details/779709

10. Onboarding Manager at MUVE Music

Cricket Wireless is the young upstart fighting on the mobile battlefield against Apple, Pandora and Spotify. Their MUVE Music service is tacked on to the monthly wireless bill of Cricket Wireless customers, making adoption of the service seamless. While the big players work on their cloud services, Cricket Music is quietly adopting a loyal customer base in the value market for mobile services. Could be a great gig for someone that likes working with David and not Goliath. Lastly, this position interfaces with International Operators, so International travel might be in the cards. Here are the details…

Job Description:

  • Muve Music is seeking an experienced Onboarding Manager to develop, coordinate and execute deployment plans to successfully launch Muve Music with international Operators. If you want to join an exciting well funded start-up, then we have the ideal position for you. Music is a universal language; let your love of it, and your management expertise, become our latest element of strength to grow our state-of-the-art digital music service.

Here’s what you’ll do all day:

  • Drive and coordinate all cross-functional resources to lead Muve Music customers through the deployment process from initial engagement to market launch.
  • Coordinate activities with third Party Operational partners to develop technical solutions and work with Finance and Business Development to prepare proposals for system integration and operation.
  • Work closely with Program Managers and Account Managers to facilitate the deployment plan.
  • Be a strong leader with the ability to coordinate activities across Customers, Engineering, Product Marketing, Marketing, Business Development, Operations and Finance.

And, there’s more…

  •  Develop a custom deployment and operations blueprint for Muve Music customers by country
  •  Lead Operators through the deployment process from system integration to go-to-market
  •  Drive execution of the deployment plan on budget and on schedule
  •  Gather customer requirements necessary to integrate the Muve Music platform with Operator networks and services.
  •  Prepare network and systems integration proposals for Operators.
  •  Coordinate third party resources performing network and system integration.
  •  Facilitate integration and support for service launch
  •  Establish process and procedures for the deployment and operation of the Muve Music service.
  •  Coordinate setup of Local Programming Service
    • Online Music Catalog Programming
    •  Playlist Programming
    •  In-Application Merchandising
    • Content Ingestion, Encoding and Metadata Matching
    • Collect and communicate customer requirements to Product Marketing and Engineering.

For more on this job and to apply, just cruise on over to Digital Music News here: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/jobs/onboarding-manager#AtE07o5gLfIKseQO2IEyQg

There you have it. 10 really cool social music jobs available for the start of the New Year. We hope you have your resume polished and ready to send. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a great Klout score when you’re applying for social jobs, because it’s definitely becoming important. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% completed, like mine. Good luck!


Allston Pudding

CNET reports this morning that Instagram, the popular social photo app for iPhone and Android that was recently acquired by Facebook, is updating its terms of service as of January 16th, 2013 to allow for the service to sell your uploaded photos to others without having to notify you or compensate you.

What does this mean for individual artists or bands that are touring, in the studio or at press events? It means that whatever you end up uploading yourself or whatever your fans upload, could potentially be sold to a 3rd party service without compensating you or notifying you that it did so. Here are a few examples:

  • A fan snaps a pic of your performance at a local club. The club scours Instagram for all photos of bands taken at the bar and purchases the rights to use those photos. The club then adds those photos to its Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts and also uses the photos in advertising and marketing on flyers, or shares them with news organizations. While you may have requested no photos be taken during the performance, it will be extremely difficult for an artist or band to control the image once the picture is taken.
  •  You’re hanging out late night in the studio. A superstar artists calls you up and says he wants to come lay down some tracks with you, but wants to also keep it on the down low. The artist shows up and you start jamming together. One of your groupies snaps a photo using Instagram. After January 16, 2013, Instagram has the right to take and sell that photo to a 3rd party without compensating you and without you being able to sue for damages. Of course, Instagram says in its terms that the person who uploads the photo must have the right to do so, but your groupie just snapped the pic without signing a non-disclosure. You’re quite possibly out of luck. Fox News has acquired the photo and you and the superstar artist are now splashed on the cover or home page of every major celeb rag.

What does an artist do? First, if you’re certain you do not want any photos from your Instagram account sold to 3rd parties, you must delete/remove all your photos from the Instagram application (I did that myself this morning). Second, consult with a music industry attorney who can advise you on what notifications to include on your tickets, flyers and other promotional material at shows and make sure to get folks hanging out with you in the studio to sign non-disclosure agreements. We’re not attorneys, so our advice is just that – advice. Make sure to get an attorneys opinion on these matters and make absolutely sure the attorney is well versed in digital rights and copyright.

Remember, once your photos are on Instagram, after January 16, 2013, you’ve lost control of your likeness and image. And it doesn’t matter whether you delete the photos on January 17th, Instagram can quite possibly use photos that were deleted after the date of the change in their terms of service.

Social media can certainly be advantageous for many artists. But, as more social services look for revenue, you – the user – must keep abreast of these changes to insure that you have as much control as possible over your images or you will be out of luck when someone snaps a photo of you and Instragram profits from your likness and image.