A WordPress Plugin for Radio Broadcasters and Online Webcasters

Radio Station by netmix® is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives traditional radio and Internet streaming stations the ability to publish an advanced Show schedule on a WordPress website. With features including Playlisting, Schedule Overrides, Encore Presentations (Repeats), as well as various layouts (table, tabs, and list), and tools for time zones, upcoming shows and on-air DJs, and internationalization, your station can enhance SEO and prepare for voice-activated search.  Once installed, Radio Station for WordPress syncs with and pulls your station’s information from your website into our database for inclusion in our Station Directory.

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Take these steps to get started with Radio Station on your WordPress website:

  1. View the Demo
  2. Read the Documentation
  3. Download the plugin from WordPress.org
  4. Install on your WordPress website
  5. Activate
  6. Create your Show Schedule
  7. Submit your station to our Station Directory