Radio Station PRO Questions

We’ve been working on Radio Station PRO for more than a year. In fact, June was the second anniversary of taking over the plugin. We’re super excited to be releasing Radio Station PRO in mid-July! To make sure we are ready to roll, we need to ask you TWO really short questions.

The first version will be focused on adding the PRO features that we know you need. PRO will include the Visual Schedule Editor for a Google Calendar-like editing experience, a persistent Streaming Audio Player, and a host of other major improvements. It is is a complete “level up” of everything that we can fit into the first release. We could have released PRO sooner with fewer features, but we believed if we were going to do something big, we wanted to be sure to truly deliver MASSIVE value.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize the debut version of Radio Station PRO and prepare for release, we want to make sure we have covered all the bases. So, this is where you come in…

Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there are only two questions. Your answers will go toward ensuring Radio Station PRO is the best WordPress plugin to manage your station’s show schedule and help your audience find the scheduled audio content they care about.