Radio Station Feature Roadmap

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Current Release Version: 2.3.1 (released 14th May 2020)

Upcoming Release Version: 2.3.2

Normal = Feature Completed

italics = Upcoming Feature

bold = Next Major Feature(s)

Scheduler with Conflict Checker2.3.0with Visual Schedule Editor2.3.5
Master Schedule Views2.2.8with View Switching2.3.2
Show Page Display Template2.3.0with Social Icons2.3.4
Show Genre Assignments2.2.8with Genre Term Image Support2.3.0
Host / Producer / Show Editor Roles2.3.0with Role Assignment Interface2.3.0
Streaming Widget Player2.3.3with Sticky Sitewide Player2.3.3
Current and Upcoming Show Widgets2.2.8--
Show Countdown Timer2.3.0with Dynamic Reloading2.3.3
Playlist Widget2.2.8with Track Affiliate Links2.3.4
Show Posts and Playlists2.2.8with Show Episodes Post Type2.3.4
Post Type Archive Shortcodes2.3.0with Grid View2.3.4
Show Hosts and Producers2.2.8with Profile Page Templates2.3.4
REST/Feed API Endpoints2.3.0with Episodes, Hosts and Producers2.3.4
Radio Clock and Widget2.3.2with Timezone Switcher2.3.3
Schedule Caching2.3.0with Show Meta Caching2.3.0

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