Radio Station Feature Roadmap

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Since taking over the development of the free Radio Station plugin in June 2019, we've made massive improvements to every aspect of the project. Two years later, we released the Pro version and have continued to update and improve both versions, adding innovative features as we go.

The below table is a simplified overview to help keep track of all the major different features in Free and Pro, both those that we've added already and planned upcoming features. (If you want to contribute ideas or suggestions, please do so by opening a Github Issue.)

If you are interested in testing cutting edge features in development for this next release, read about Installing the Development Version and Pro Beta Version Testing.

For minor release notes, see the Radio Station Changelog (Note: The Radio Station Pro changelog can be found in the plugin's readme.txt)

Normal = Feature Completed

italics = Upcoming Feature

bold = Next Major Feature(s)

Scheduler with Conflict Checker2.3.0with Visual Schedule Editor2.3.5
Table, Tab and List Schedule Views2.2.8with Grid, Calendar and View Switching2.3.4
Weekly Show Shifts and Date Overrides2.2.8with Recurring Periodic Overrides2.6.0
Show Posts and Linked Overrides2.2.8with Show Episodes Post Type2.4.1
Playlist with Track Editor2.2.8Show Episode Segment Editor
Archive Shortcodes with Automatic Pages2.3.0with Episode and Team Archives2.4.1.8
Show Page Display Template2.3.0with Social Icons2.3.5
Show Hosts and Producers2.2.8with Profile Page Templates2.4.1
Streaming Player Widget/Shortcode2.3.4with Sitewide Persistant Player Bar2.4.1
Player Theme and Button Options2.3.4with Extra Skin and Color Options2.6.0
File Playing Support and Buttonswith Playlist Track Support
Radio Blocks (Gutenberg Block Editor)2.5.0Elementor and Beaver Builder Modules2.6.0
Show Widget/Shortcodes with Countdowns2.2.8with Dynamic Reloading2.4.1
Current Playlist Widget/Shortcode2.2.8Player Track Metadata Display2.4.1.3
Radio Clock Widget/Shortcode2.3.2with User Timezone Switcher2.4.1
Host / Producer / Show Editor Roles2.3.0with Role Assignment Interface2.3.0
REST/Feed API Endpoints2.3.0with Episodes, Hosts and Producers2.4.1
Standard HTML Markup Output2.3.0with SEO Schema Markup
Show Genre Assignments2.2.8Episode Guests and Topics2.4.1

Interested in going Pro? For a full feature list comparison, click here to find out more about Radio Station Pro.

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