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Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast re-release (May 2006)


We are re-releasing this podcast from 04-01-06, which aired only on Netmix Internet radio but was never available for podcast. There are no track listings for this mix. Sorry!


Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast (June 2008)

The next installment in Tony Z’s Global House Mix series for June 2008. This mix is dedicated to my girlfriend, Missy, who has been so supportive despite my disappearing for hours in the studio to produce these shows. It’s also dedicated to all those who are seeking inspiration to pursue their goals and realize their dreams.

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If you want to purchase the individual tracks, head over to Beatport.com.

  1. Love In War – KID Remix – Pete Gust
  2. Give It Up – Alex Gold Remix – Adam K/Soha
  3. Jupiter Calling – Original Mix – Thomas Schwartz
  4. Sunrise – Original Mix – Dave Spoon
  5. Pjanoo – Original Mix – Eric Prydz
  6. I Just Want To Be – Antoine Clamaran Remix – Sebastien Drums/Rolf Dyman
  7. Automatic – Tikaro/J.Louis/Ferran Remix – Ultra Nate
  8. Rhythm Is A Dancer – Tom Novy Remix – Snap!
  9. Down Down Down – Mattias Remix – No Tone
  10. You – Tom Novy Remix – Steve Mac/Paul Harris
  11. Got That M – Original Mix – Patch Park
  12. Vertical Smile – Original Mix – Andomat 3000
  13. Rising Up – Christian Malloni Remix – Ross Couch
  14. Yes We Can – Original Mix – House Music United
  15. 4 AM – Adam K & Soha Mix – Kaskade
  16. Moscow After Autumn Rain – Original Mix – Elastic Sound
  17. Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan) – Neils Van Gogh vs Thomas Gold Remix – Delerium
  18. Delightful Encounters – Terry’s Deeplightful Edit – Terry Lee Brown Junior | Download Not Available
  19. City of Lost Souls – Stan Kolev Remix – Pete Moss
  20. Mushrooms – Justin Martin Mix – Marshall Jefferson/Noosa Heads
  21. Papaia – Original Mix – Tony Lionni
  22. We Are Facing The Sun – Original Mix – Sascha Funke
  23. The Big Blue – Original Mix – Billy Dalessandro
  24. Here Come The Beats – Original Mix – Fred Everything/JT Donaldson
  25. Manta – Original Mix – Jona
  26. No Comment – Original Mix – Solomun
  27. Berno – Mark August Remix – Till Von Sein


Netmix Global House Sessions Podcast (December 2007)

netmix-global-house-sessions-itunesAfter a few starts and stops, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up my latest 3-hour mix show. Things have been hectic over the last few months and I just didn’t have the time to focus on it. But, it’s finally done!

I love the 3-hour format, because you can really stretch out and program a variety of tunes into the set. So, download to your desktop and transfer to your portable device, or simply just listen to it here.

I’ve also provided links to download each individual track from Beatport.com when available [UPDATE – June 6, 2012 – Beatport’s affilate program with Linkshare is no longer active and the links have been removed]. I know I was hard on Beatport in the past, but the service finally got around to building out a text linking program through their partnerships with Linkshare, an affiliate network that provides companies with the tools to build out affiliate programs. I found most of the tracks, but there were a few I couldn’t track down. It might be because they are new and haven’t pushed an update to Linkshare yet. Beatport have also created an API through LinkShare, which I hope to use in the future. But for now, we’ll just keep it simple.

Would love to know what you think, so please come back and post your comments. Enjoy!

Track Listing: