Karmaloop's exclusive RBK Pump Fury

Working at StarStyle for the past two-years has had an influence on me. Although the site is going the way of the dinosaur and I am no longer with the company (yep, that’s right), I thought I might as well carry on some of the traditions we’d built up over the past two years and add fashion to the blog. We all love fashion, right?

So, in the interest of trying to make a few bucks here while shilling for the man (in this case, Reebok), I thought I’d drop these new kicks from Karmaloop (disclaimer: I get a rev share if you buy these) on the blog tonight. At $139 U.S., they’re a little pricey. Since there are only 60 pairs in the U.S., you know why.

Hey…maybe you’re in the market for some new treads. Maybe your little brother’s birthday is coming up. Who knows?

What I do know, is that these RBK Pump Fury kicks were exclusively made for Karmaloop by Reebok. Since both companies are in the Boston area, it makes sense that they’d be working together on something like this.

Here are the details:

Reebok, who has been making classic kicks since 95 (1895 that is) and Karmaloop, who have taken the Global Streetwear market by storm, have collaborated for a special limited edition Insta Pump Fury. The sneaker features a diverse blend of materials, starting with cement colored suede toebox overlaying reflective 3M accents. Surrounding that is a black snakeskin front extending up through the tongue, contrasting carefully with neon stretchy mesh. The most prominent part of the Pump Fury, the bladder, is jet-black patent leather surrounding the quintessential Pump buttons of the sneaker allowing you to tighten or loosen your shoe with a little bit of air. The back heel tabs feature “Karma” on the left shoe and “Loop” on the right, overlaying a light grey cloth fabric while covered by a complementary neon green rubber overlay. The sole features a sharp lime green rubber with a dope black and white carbon fiber middle as well as a small diamond window looking inside the guts of the shoe. This special collaboration is live only at Karmaloop.com and nowhere else, with just 60 pairs worldwide.

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