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Fluid Turntable Watch

iconDJs sure love turntables! Despite all things going digital nowadays, we can keep the turntable close to our hearts by slapping one on the wrist. This watch by Fluid has both leather and steel wristbands. It’s $70 at Karmaloop.com.

Karmaloop's exclusive RBK Pump Fury

Working at StarStyle for the past two-years has had an influence on me. Although the site is going the way of the dinosaur and I am no longer with the company (yep, that's right), I thought I might as well carry on some a little of the traditions we built up by adding some fashion to mix. We all love fashion, right? So, in the interest of trying to make a few bucks here while shilling for the man (in this case, Reebok), I thought I'd drop these new kicks from Karmaloop (disclaimer: I get a rev share if you buy these) on the blog tonight. At $139 U.S., they're a little pricey. Since there are only 60 pairs in the U.S., you know why.

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