New Imogen Heap album – Sparks

Imogen Heap is one of our all-time favorite modern electronic music artists. We absolutely love how she blends her unique singer/songwriter vocals with the melodic patterns of downtempo electronic music (sometimes called folktronica) by incorporating beats and synths underneath her gorgeous piano patterns and bright, sweet and breathy vocals.

Imogen traveled the world recording this new album and says that there are 14 videos for all 14 songs on the album. We can’t wait to follow along and post them one at a time as they are released.

Her new album, Sparks, is now on pre-order from iTunes. You can preview it here on NPR.

Check out the album preview on YouTube.

Or, listen to the interview with Imogen Heap, “Painting Her Songs In the Air, Imogen Heap Keeps Innovating” on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday.

Pre-order by clicking on this button: [itunes link=”″ title=”Imogen Heap “Sparks” (Delux Edition)”]

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