A starry night for One Night in St Tropez in New York City

The Empire Hotel’s roof top played host to the One Night in St Tropez Tour on Thursday evening. Dane Cook rolled in with an impressive entourage after his performance at Madison Square Garden, the Sex in the City cast was in attendance as were Janeane Garofalo and Mike Epps with entourage in tow. Promoter/hosts Jewels Ferante, Jon Paul Pezzo, Poppa Pri, and Eric Scucci get a boat load of credit for tastefully juggled the paparazzi, models and socialites all night. The late great DJ AM had plans to work on future One Night in St Tropez events. All but being handed the throne, DJ Kenny Summit rocked the celebrity-filled gala in a very impressive manner, spinning everything from early 90s hip-hop to Daft Punk, rock, house, and everything in between (all while wearing a RIP DJ AM pin on his shirt).

Contributed to Netmix by Oscar for Katrina Public Relations.


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