: New Years Event Annoucement

College Underground Announcement: New Years Event
College Underground (CUG) has the #1 Friday night college party that caters to 18-25 demographic. We currently host our Friday night party at Deco Lounge located in heart of downtown Manhattan on Broadway. Within its first 4 months College Underground has made a direct connection to a previously unsuccessfully touched audience, the 18-22 crowd. With a highly successful Friday night party known amongst all the tri-state colleges and universities and even expanding to neighbors such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. College Underground has created a buzz amongst college students and thus creating an opportunity and marketable platform for companies, DJs, artists and the like to premiere their latest projects. With the success of our Halloween bash, College Underground is now working on a New Years Event. No other venue or company has the influence and the audience to successfully create and offer an 18 + event for college students on New Years. The New Years event will be a 9 hour long event consisting of a pre-ball drop from 10pm-2am at a location TBA, and an after party from 2am-12pm (New Years Day) at our regular venue Deco Lounge.
We are reaching out to all of our friends within the industry and asking them to help us spread the word! If you have an artist that you would like to launch, if you are a DJ that would like to be included in our rotation for this event, if you are part of a company that would like to be affiliated or sponsor this event. Please contact our Public Relations Manager, Jacklyn Mendoza ([email protected]) with your information. Time is essential, so please contact Ms. Mendoza as soon as possible, so details and negotiations can begin immediately.
We look forward to hear from you!
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Jacklyn Mendoza, Public Relations Manager
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