Digital Media Wire's 6th Annual Digital Music Forum Keynote Speakers

This year’s 6th annual Digital Music Forum expands to a two-day session February 28th and March 1 in New York City. On the 28th, Digital Media Wire, organizers of this important, must attend conference host the Mobile Leadership Summit. The Digital Music Forum takes place on March 1.

The Digital Media Wire folks always seem to hold their events in interesting locations. The other day, I attended the Digital Commerce Summit at the City University of New York on 5th Avenue. Last year, DMW held the Digital Music Forum at the New York Bar Association. This year, the Digital Music Forum and Mobile Leadership Summit will utilize the conference facilities at The Museum of Jewish Heritage of New York City, downtown at 36 Battery Place in Manhattan.

This year’s Keynote speeches will be given by Larry Kenswil, President, Universal Music Group – eLabs; Terry McBride, Founder & CEO, Nettwerk Productions; and David Del Beccaro, President, CEO & Founder, Music Choice.

It’s great to see both Greg Clayman, formerly of UPOC, now VP of Wireless at MTV and Tom Ryan, formerly of CDuctive and EMusic now SVP of Mobile & Digital Development at EMI/Capitol being recognized for their innovation and leadership in the digital music arena by by appearing on panels at these important industry events. I’ve known both Tom and Greg for some time and they are both exceptionally talented executives who are committed to working out the kinks, so to speak, in the digital music world and have a true love and understanding of the medium. They both started companies that changed the face of digital music over the web and mobile, and now they are both in positions at major corporations to help those companies navigate the fluxuating digital music waters.

Of course, I’ll be at the event. Hopefully blogging, if I’m not too busy shaking hands and learning a thing or two. Last year, I had the opportunity to speak to Snocap’s Shawn Fanning. This year, we’ll try and lock someone down for a podcast interview during the event.

For more information, please visit the conference web site at or contact Tinzar Sherman, VP, Marketing & Events by email at

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