DJ Markie Gee – Give Thanks for House – WTC House Radio on Mixcloud

Before I leave the house for meetings in the city, I need to blast out a few quick emails. After clicking open Gmail and then swapping tabs to Facebook to check my feed, I saw my man, Markie Gee’s mix posted to my Facebook page. What better than to listen to deep house music as I let a few emails fly? This is smokin. Especially when you get to the Layabouts feat. Kathy Brown track, Choices. Now that’s a crack-a-lackin house track! It’s comes in at about 30:20. The beat kicks it hard and Brown’s energy on the track gels nicely with the theme, about making choices. Funny, last week at dinner with friends, we were talking about making choices. Now, here’s a track that carries on that conversation. At the very end, Roland Clark’s Deep In House makes you wanna move. I’m always DEEP IN HOUSE, baby! Thanks to Markie for sweetening the day.

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