DJs love Insight Bikinis

Are you shopping for that suit for your trip to Ibiza? Need something sexy for Goa, Rio De Janeiro or the French Riviera? Want to catch the eye of that superstar DJ mixing it up, while you dance on a bass bin? I think Insight definitely has the suit for you.

Insight bikinis for the summer

Like any respectable DJ blog on the Internet, we’ve got to cover (or uncover) just about anything that has to do with DJ culture. Surely we’d be neglecting our readers if we didn’t at least show important advances in fashion (yeah, right!). As we’re an equal opportunity blog, we’ll hit you with some men’s suits over the next few weeks. For now, we’re pushing the female Lycra.

This morning, I was thinking that we here at Netmix would dread it if we were deemed as being (a) irresponsible to our readers, and (b) catering to Neanderthal males who care more about tweaking tracks in Abelton, sequencing in Logic and arguing over why p2p should be legal, than sipping Coronas from a beach chair at the pool at The National while checking out the glistening skin of girls with names like Bianca and Alexandra getting in their morning swim.

Of course, my girlfriend, Missy, is going to ask me, “is this all really necessary? My answer to that would be, well…YES! I just hope she doesn’t show her new boss this blog today. Doh!

Okay, enough of the preparation. These bikinis from Insight are a great example of street wear with bright color palettes gone sexy. They are available at

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