Facebook to…Lady Gaga?

Since Lady Gaga hit global recognition she has affectionately called her fans Little Monsters. Well now, these Little Monsters have an online home.

What is LittleMonster.com?Think Pinterest meets Facebook, but is dating Twitter at the same time. And all they ever talk about is how much they love Lady Gaga.

Like many other social applications, LittleMonsters.com’s registration is linked through your Facebook or Twitter account.

There is a basic tutorial explaining the ins & outs of the website; these are separated into five main tabs: Media, Discuss, News, Monsters & Events.

When you log-in, you automatically land on to the Media tab, which resembles Pinterest. A timeline of pictures demonstrates the different topics circulating the network. Once you click on a certain topic, a pop-up, similar to a Facebook, opens.

The Discuss and News tabs are very similar to a Twitter timeline with several discussions and news mostly related to Lady Gaga herself. 

If you want to see the continually growing list of registered Little Monsters, just click on the Monsters tab.

And the Events tab showcases Lady Gaga’s concert dates with the ability to buy tickets for open show dates directly through the site. 

So why create a social network outside of her own personal website? 

Lady Gaga has been an advocate for showcasing the beauty in everyone’s differences and what better way to emphasize this point than to create a social network dedicated to personal empowerment.

As the site explains, it is a way of sharing “your passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga”.  Members can post up artwork, pictures or just browse and interact with other members. This space is a dedication to everyone’s creative side.

So step aside Facebook, the Monsters have come to town!

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