How Engagement Can Add Up

MediaPost’s Video Insider writes about a world beyond cost per click. Cost per engagement (CPM) will be the new metric measuring response in interactive environments. How engagement is measured and what value it delivers is discussed. StarStyle, the company I work for, has been proactive in shaping the cost per engagement methodology. Although we’re an advocate for while leading the field in CPM, it’s still difficult to measure off-site–when your products go viral. There are certain tools in place meant for more traditional CPM tracking that are being hacked together to measure CPE, but reporting products in tools like Google’s Adsense have yet to catch up to new content delivery systems. Doubleclick’s DART Motif advocates for one solution, but it’s cost prohibitive for most small web publishers. There will be other tools available soon, but it’ll take a minute for someone to figure out all the variables and for brand agencies to be confident in the reporting.

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