IM with Leila Chiquita Post about Ecko's Contents Under Pressure

I just got back from the the event…had a quick IM convo with my peeps, Leila:

djtonyz: I went down and got some cool shots…some video too
djtonyz: I’ll work on it tonight
djtonyz: and put the pics up so you can check em out
leila chiquita: k
djtonyz: it was coooool
djtonyz: everyone had cameras
djtonyz: the media is jocking graf
djtonyz: it’s so funny
djtonyz: so many media companies, probably because of the whole controversy with Bloomberg pulling the permit for it, but the judge reissuing
leila chiquita: oh
djtonyz: yeah, bloomberg pulled the permit, saying “graffiti” is a “crime”
djtonyz: and that it would only make the kids tag all the buildings and the subways in the area
djtonyz: they set up about 12 fake train walls that were made out of aluminum
djtonyz: and all the old school legends were writing
djtonyz: it was cool, it’s so funny when you see like 40 year old dudes tagging
leila chiquita: lol
djtonyz: some of them look like harley davidson bikers
leila chiquita: lol
djtonyz: and then there were a few that were in disguise
djtonyz: because they don’t want the cops to know what they look like
leila chiquita: rite

Leila was half paying attention…so I told her to go look at this post…here’s the rest of the thread:

djtonyz: your famous
leila chiquita: HA
djtonyz: I mean, you’re famous
leila chiquita: ididnt even say anything
leila chiquita: exciting tho
leila chiquita: dammit
djtonyz: that’s the point silly
leila chiquita: i suck at multitaskin
djtonyz: but you did
leila chiquita: wat did i say
djtonyz: I mean…everyone knows it an IM
djtonyz: so they know you must be doing something
djtonyz: while I’m talking to you
djtonyz: and then you said, “rite”
djtonyz: which is so dope
djtonyz: because it sums it all up!
leila chiquita: i dont get it
djtonyz: whoever visits the site is going to be familiar with IM’s, right?
djtonyz: so that means, they are going to assume I’m talking to you, while you’re doing someting at your desk or whatever
djtonyz: since you don’t say much
djtonyz: it’s like you said a ton
djtonyz: it’s “abstract”
djtonyz: kind of like art
djtonyz: we know you’re listening and you’re interested, but we know you can’t focus
djtonyz: very abstract
djtonyz: very cool
djtonyz: LOL
djtonyz: and then how you spelled the word “rite”…it’s street
djtonyz: so everyone knows you get what I’m sayin
djtonyz: I know…my creative mind at work
djtonyz: lol
djtonyz: it can be confusing at times, I’m sure
djtonyz: like, what they hell is he talking about?
djtonyz: ha ha
leila chiquita: HAAA
leila chiquita: i guess so
djtonyz: now, I can use the rest of this…lol
djtonyz: and tack it onto the end
leila chiquita: yay
djtonyz: and it’ll be even more prolific than it was!
leila chiquita: i sound really distracted
leila chiquita: LOL

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