Into dance music? You’re probably self-centered.

According to a new study, there might be some truth to those stereotypes about the music you listen to, after all. Researchers at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh recently surveyed 36,000 music fans at, who rated 104 genres and were asked to answer questions about their personalities. The researchers found that the following tends to be true about the fans of these genres:

  • Dance: Outgoing, creative, self-centered, unfriendly
  • Indie: Creative, low self-esteem, unmotivated
  • Rap: High self-esteem, outgoing
  • Rock: High self-esteem, hard-working, at ease with themselves
  • Blues: High self-esteem, outgoing
  • Classical: High self-esteem, creative, gentle, not outgoing
  • Heavy metal: Creative, at ease with themselves, unmotivated
  • Reggae: Creative, outgoing, kind, generous, unmotivated
  • Country: Very hard-working, outgoing

While I was half-expecting to see “marked love of asymmetrical haircuts” under the indie category, I wonder: how accurate do you find these results?

Melanie Donnelly

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