Kaskade rocks Cielo!

Kaskade at Cielo Club New York Okay…have you had enough Kaskade yet? Not me…I went to hear him last Thursday night at Cielo Club in New York City. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Cielo continues their commitement to the music by bringing in this breaking wunderkid from San Francisco (See last week’s post for more on Kaskade’s origins in the biz). A very cosmopolitan, sexy crowd filled the dancefloor all night as Kaskade layed down a blend of vocal vibes and deep tech house. From jazzy vocals and remixes of classic dance tracks with a darker flavor, Kaskade held the floor like a champ from when I arrived to when I left. I was definitely impressed. I think this kid’s going to be around for a long time to come.

I’m aslo really digging Cielo, because everyone seems to love to dance there. You don’t really have a lot of cats hanging out on the fringe. People just seem to really dig the music. It’s not pretentious. It’s not packed unless it’s a heavy industry night, so you can really have a great time at the club and leave with your hearing intact, little fuss and definitely no drama.

I was pleasantly suprised to run into an old friend, Sheneza Mohammed. Formerly in Marketing and Promotions and Kinetic Records, she took a little break for a while, but recently ended up back at Nettwerk America where she is East Coast Promotion Director. Big ups to Sheneza. She’s an extremely talented, creative promotions rep and she deserves a ton of credit for breaking BT, Oakenfold and Sandra Collins in America, along with the rest of the Kinetic staff. I also ran into Kaskade’s manager, Stephanie, from MCT, the same management company that reps Moby. I’d never met her, so it was good to put a face with the name.

After I was done working, I got on the dancefloor myself and was psyched when Kaskade dropped his hit, “Here I Am.” What a great record! Such a wonderful vibe. Pretty strings and keyboards, uplifiting vocals, unique sounds that melt in your head. It’s one of my favorite tracks of all time, already!

The best part about Kaskade’s music is the writing. Whenever you hear dance vocals, they’re sometimes a bit cheesy. But this track is inspirational. It’s got what it takes to transcend from a record that packs the dancefloor to a radio hit. I haven’t been following the course this song’s taken, but I hope some dance radio stations have jumped on it, because it deserves to be heard. Then again…what is radio nowadays? It’s not as important as it once was, but it’s still reaching the mainstream, where Kaskade deserves to be heard.

I have to thank my peeps at Cielo, Nick Valencia and Karrie Goldberg for being so kind to me and my group. The more I hang out at that spot, the more I love it and I can see why URB Magazine hails it as the nation’s best club for 2005!

I’m going to try and hit Collette this week at Cielo. She’s a featured vocalist on Kaskade’s album and has her own music out. She’s playing Thursday night. I’m working with Lady D’s management company, Insite Worldwide, out of Chicago. Lady D and Collette are both member’s of the first female DJ collective, SuperJane along with Heather and Dayhota. I’ll report back with my comments over the weekend.


Tony Z.

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