M3 Summit disappears from Miami during WMC '07

XLR8R.com reports the M3 Summit will not take place during the 2007 Winter Music Conference 2007. The M3 Summit was born out of DJ David Prince’s Miami Master List. The list had modest beginnings a few years ago as a simple, yet effective text email citing all the relevant parties taking place around the WMC. David’s list grew to the point that after a few years, it became an HTML email with graphics, and shortly thereafter, a web site component was launched that supported the list. There was also a guide that began circulating through all the shops and at the parties one could pick up for free (not sure if it was related, but I think it was).

Last year, Brad LeBeau, the controversial owner of dance music promotion company, ProMotion, who is known for his fiery temper and penchant for using controversial tactics to get Billboard Dance Chart reporters to chart records he promotes, acquired M3 from David Prince after–as I understand it–working with him to run it last year.

Disclosure: I am a former Billboard Dance Chart Reporter who was required to speak to speak to Mr. LeBeau on a weekly basis. I also operated Netmix out of the office of ProMotion between 1996 and 1998. I once filed assault charges with the NYPD against Mr. LeBeau for an unfortunate incident at the Discoteque nightclub in New York City.

XLR8R cites “financial woes” facing LeBeau’s 2007 M3 program, which resulted in the cancellation. LeBeau claims in a Miami Herald article that a corporate sponsor wants to take the tour national next year, so he is taking the year off to prepare. Whether he can elicit the same type of support for his acquisition remains to be seen. What happened to that sponsor this year? M3 also partnered with Remix Hotel, who are still kicking this year. What happened to that relationship?

It’s interesting to note that the M3 Summit, with two good years behind it, is now on a so-called hiatus. Breaking the tradition of a relatively new conference, which was beginning to gain traction, can spell a death blow to a brand’s identity. Momentum may never be regained and another company can swoop in and make some noise.

Also, LeBeau’s penchant for promotion of WKTU-like pop dance music instead of the electronic music spawned by a new generation of music producers, as well as his extremely limited background in new media technologies are bound to make it more difficult for him to work with larger companies who are more entrenched in the space. Those companies may be less inclined to work with a novice, who has not lead any effective solution in the digital media space. The M3 Summit seemed to have been built by David Prince organically, with a common, progressive purpose that people got behind. It grew because of Prince and his passion. Once LeBeau got involved, the M3 lost its steam. One could say this confirms the age-old adage: you can’t buy your way into cool.

In the meantime, my friend Joe Danziger of DJCentral.com has launched a conference event list. You can find it at this URL: http://www.miamieventlist.com. I know Joe, and he’s going to grow his list, just as David intended; organically and with passion.

Disclosure: I am on the Board of Advisors of DJCentral.com.

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  1. BPositive says:

    I'll check out the DJ Central list. Glad someone is stepping up! Is David Prince doing a Master List this year, unrelated to the M3? Does anyone know how to get ahold of him to find out?

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