Moving to new look soon!

So, if you’re wondering why the blog doesn’t look the same as it did in the past, it’s mainly because I accidentally deleted my WordPress Theme that had all the new changes in it. Of course, I didn’t have a back-up, so I have to start from scratch.

I was trying to upgrade my Kubrick WordPress Theme, because there were some incompatibilities with the new WordPress 2.3 release. I found that a group of developers created K2, an upgrade to Kubrick. As I was configuring the K2 theme, I selected it in my administration panel to view how it would change the look of this blog. When I went to select my current theme, I accidentally hit delete. Of course, there is no “warning” that pops up to ask you if you really want to delete, so my theme is gone forever. I called my hosting company, but they won’t retrieve anything from a backup unless they caused the problem.

So, I’m just going to wait out the week, because soon, there will be an entirely new look and feel to the Netmix blog! I’m hoping that the developers I hired to work on it will have it this week for me to enable. It looks really cool and is a step forward. So, stay tuned! Hopefully, we’ll have it up this week.

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