My Traktor DJ Mix…(sigh)

Saturday night, I was all set and ready to rock my first mix using Traktor DJ and a bunch of new MP3’s I’d downloaded from, which has to be one of the coolest download site’s for dance music in the world. I love the interface, very clean and easy to use. Loading audio using Flash is so much better than going to site’s like Vitaminic and having to launch Real Player for every sample. I’m of the mindset that web site’s really need to get away from using Real or Windows for samples and just use Flash. It’s much easier for the end user to deal with. Of course, for hour long mixes and such things, then stick to Real, Windows or Quicktime if you’ve got a lot of bandwidth.

Anyway, so I’m laying in my fourth track and things are going pretty smoothly. I select the next track, and instead of dragging it into the Track 2 window, I figured I’d preview it with the libaries preview player.

And what happened next…CRASH! The library’s preview player crashed Traktor and I lost my mix!

So, it’s back to the drawing board tomorrow night. I’m going to play with the buffering settings or just delete that track from the library, since I think the track might have something to do with crashing the player because it wasn’t analyzed correctly.

This all got me thinking sure, Traktor DJ is cool and all. You can do so much fun stuff with it and create all kinds of mixes with an infinite library, but one little glitch and you’re screwed. By the time it takes you to relaunch the program and select a song from the library, which isn’t showing the same track you were playing on relaunch and you have to go and find it, you’re dance floor is dying a slow, painful, agonizing death.

So all you digital DJs out there, I’d love to hear some stories about how and when Traktor DJ crashed on you. Maybe we’d all learn something about how to set the program to its optimum strength on certain systems. It could some of us, that’s for sure.

What do you think?

Tony Z.

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