Netmix SXSW Podcast: Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of Music IP

Netmix presents a SXSW 2007 podcast with Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of Music IP. The company is a leader in the audio fingerprinting and music recommendation space with a catalog representing over 28 Million tracks.

Instead of explaining what MusicIP is, here’s a quote from their website: “MusicIP’s unique music matching technology defines relationships between sets of music based on acoustic traits and characteristics. With the goal to know about all the music in the world, MusicIP creates products and services to increase listener enjoyment and artist recognition through a one-of-a-kind music discovery experience.”

Please use the download link to listen. For some reason, the PodPress Flash Player is playing the audio at half-speed. I’ve spent the latter part of the day trying to figure out the problem. It’s a bug I’ve been looking for a solution to. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 3/16: Fixed the Flash problem. Mixed the stereo file down to mono. Working fine now.

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