New MTV shows: Kaya or Tila Tequila?

Why is Tila Tequila getting her own dating show? The girl has absolutely no talent. Why would any guy (or girl) in their right mind want to go out with a self-promoting, C-level porn star who has the intelligence of a mouse. If life really is all about the sex, then the relationship will be so shallow that respectable porn stars will scoff. I can’t believe I’m even writing about it. Yes, we the media are responsible for her improbable rise to Internet infamy, so I’ll shut up now.

On the reverse, I’m kind of digging this new show, Kaya. It seems to be about a girl fighting for her self-respect while on the cusp of rock star infamy. That’s what I got from the 30-second commercial anyway. Let kids see the real of the struggle. Let them understand that being a rock star is not all about fame and fortune. There is a tangible, emotional and physical cost. Hopefully, this show will not just glamorize Kaya, but show the dark side of world of rock and roll.

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