Recognize! – A hip hop exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery

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This week I was in Washington D.C. with my lovely girlfriend, Missy. She had a national study abroad conference to attend and asked me if I wanted to jump on the Delta Shuttle out of New York’s Laguardia Airport to join her. It’s only a short hop. Just about a 45-minute flight.

On Memorial Day, we checked out “Recognize!”, a hip hop exhibit running now through September at the National Portrait Gallery. I was surprised to see hip hop artistry in such a historic museum, where portraits of many of our country’s President’s grace the walls and classically beautiful landscapes stretch across the marble.

Then again, the museum also featured Impressionist artwork on display on the gallery’s higher floors. It was neat to walk through the rooms and people watch to see what kind of folks were interested in the exhibit. They seemed to come from all walks of life. Mostly tourists, of course, but there were some young African American kids about high school age taking in all the elements of the hip hop exhibit, which included video art, spoken word/poetry, photography, painting and one tribute collage commemorating the lives of Biggie, Tupac, Easy E, Aaliyah and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Besides the exhibit, I also got the chance to shoot the statue of Alexander Hamilton, a key player in the development of the U.S. Treasury Department. I also took a shot of the White House lawn and some interior shots of the National Portrait Gallery. Hope you enjoy!

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