RightsFlow and Beatport Strike a Deal

RightsFlow, a leading provider of bulk mechanical licensing and royalty services, recently announced a deal to provide global reporting services for Beatport, one of the world’s leading international dance and electronic music digital aggregators.

This deal offers Beatport a comprehensive solution for reporting to rights societies around the world so that they can continue to make sure that musicians and songwriters are properly paid for their work. The deal will also enable Beatport to focus on their historically challenging customer service, an area of weakness that has improved as of late, rather than the time consuming and detailed processes required in accurately reporting metrics.

Beatport is a popular international online music service, offering hi-speed, quality dance and electronic music downloads to DJs and fans alike. It is a site known for its ease of use; as a web information architect, I applaud them on their superior user interface.

This partnership is significant. DJs and producers will feel more confident that their work will be compensated with a global reach in a timely manner. Additionally, my hope is that Beatport will continue to ramp up its customer service processes to rectify any issues in an equally timely manner.

See the full story on Mi2n.com here.

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