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My buddy Kim Kline!

Kim Kline

My friend, recording artist Kim Kline, and her manager, Brandon Chretien, were in town this week. I caught Kim’s impromptu performance for a Sony/BMG executive in the lounge at New York’s The London Hotel. I kept interrupting Kim with my camera. Heck, I am a blogger! Have camera, will travel!

So, if you haven’t heard Kim, she’s a fabulous pop/rock phenom, sure to blow up quickly, even though she’s been putting her music and packaging together for years now. But, to be a rock star, that’s what it takes. And Kim’s got what it takes–absolutely!

So, check out Kim’s video below. And don’t forget to visit KimKlineMusic.com or myspace.com/kimkline for touring info, to purchase her music and more! Let me get you started by giving you the link to Kim Kline - Kim Kline to preview and purchase Kim’s self-titled album.

We love Kim! I know this is a DJ culture blog…but hey, you’d love Kim too! DJs can play rock remixes, right? Hmmm…speaking of rock remix, I think I’m gonna have to pitch that idea to her and maybe I can go in and lay down a house mix to her vocals. Good ideas happen in an instant.

Anyway, enough of my yapping. Here’s her hot video, “Inside,” which is my favorite tune on the album. She’s got new material coming soon!