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10 Social Music Jobs Available NOW in 2013

After a quick run through of CraigsList, LinkedIn Jobs, Startuply, Digital Media Wire, Digital Music News, Paid Content and Mashable, we've come up with 10 pretty cool social music career opportunities that span the country and touch upon various roles, including Product, Programming, Community, Biz Dev and even an internship.

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The Wrap-Up: Can MySpace Make A Comeback?

Netmix scoured the social web for stories on the new MySpace. Can the site make a comeback or is it simply impossible to compete with Facebook, Spotify, Rdio, MOG and other entrenched players in the digital music space? We’re collected Tweets, video news stories and articles from the social web.

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Sergio Goncalves and Joe Berinato from Pitch Control Marketing talk social music marketing and promotion

Netmix founder, Tony Zeoli, interviews Sergio Goncalves and Joe Berinato from Pitch Control Marketing, a leading dance music promotion and marketing company, about all things dance music marketing and promotion in an era of social music.

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