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LFO, and English Techno band, released this seminal record in 1990 on Warped Records. It's been 18-years and the track still sounds as fresh today as it did back then. An incredible record. Have a listen for yourself.

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Frank De Wulf – B Sides Vol. 2

Netmix found Frank De Wulf's classic rave track, Magic Orchestra, on YouTube. We've posted it for your enjoyment.

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Netmix Hot 100 Classic Rave Tracks

From big, block rocking beats to a marathon of lush strings, synth stabs, speedy beats and beautiful vocals, the Netmix Hot 100 Class Rave Tracks iMix brings back the energy of the 90's through the 2000 and beyond. Break Beat, House, Techno, Drum N Bass and Trance are all represented here.

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